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clio clary


The Crows - Clio Clary

What is a Crow?The children cried
Their answer soared in bright blue sky
Sailing shadows thick with feather
But their elders, oh, they knew one better.
“ A crow is a person -” the human explained,
His voice was low and each tone strained.
“ Long since ruined upon our land..
Watch.. she'll take you by the hand..
And whisper soft words in your ear
“ Dear child -” she coos,” you've not to fear”
Those left behind will care for another,
I will be your loving new mother.”
The children gasp in odd surprise,
But the elder, oh he meets their eyes,
His face is stern and demeanour plain.
“ You'd never see your family again.
For mother crow, her name is Malice,
She'll keep you locked up in her Palace.
Cages made of steel, your home,
Your meals made of flesh and bone.”
The children, well they were in awe,
and the elder, gave them more.
“ In your cage, the things you'll see!
Her daughters will come and visit thee,
Torturous vixens will bring you pain,
You'll never see your teeth again!
Nor your skin, nor eyes or lips,
Your tongue, your ears or fingertips.
Smart children, they don't play with crows,
But Adults struggle to quit their throws.
Sucked right in by dark haired beauty,
pale skinned faces, actions fruity.
Few men leave their cage alive,
those that live, are kept as prize.
So children please stay out their grasp,
Their evil talons firm fast clasp,
And when the night comes, stay inside.
And we will help you safely hide.”

July 8, 2013 at 5:23 am
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