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Three oil-stained fingers pushed themselves harshly inside of Evan’s panting body, as she chewed at her trembling beaten and bruised bottom lip. The two older men took their sweet time with her “training”. Seeking to devour the ecstasy only her begging could give them. Pressed hard against the fogged hotel glass with little to no means of escape, she finally realized she was at the mercy of the twins’wrath; Ethan’s large burned over left hand tighten its grasp around the back of her neck, sending an aching numbing cluster of jolts throughout her tingling body. All the while, Dominique’s moto oil reeking, slender fingers painted her feverish insides. Evan tried not to give into the bone-melting pleasure released by the men’s touch. She did not want to fail, not again. The young woman did not want to lose their gentle and welcoming praises; it was one of the only things keeping her, sane. All she had left was them, she could not keep failing them and not meeting their expectations. Desperately trying to remember what was at stake if she were to fail again; Evan tightly shut her hazy eyes to drive out the sight of what was being done to her. Trying not to fall victim to Dominique's heated murmurs or Ethan's little voiceless teasing thumb tracing patterns on the back of her neck, but trying and doing are not the same. Once again she was failing; whimpering into the salty musky air. "Brothers... I...I can't...please...I can'-". Digging her broken nails into the flushed glass, she could not help it anymore. It was all too much. Dominique’s playful middle finger slipped itself deeper into the woman’s slip; playfully rubbing the tighten drenched walls encouraging her to give in. "Yes, you can, you must little one. Otherwise, we have to start all over again." He lightly chuckled into her right ear; as Ethan, the younger of the two still held the back of his younger sister’s neck tightly. Leaning down cocking his burnt lips into a smirk. He too closed the distance between himself and the woman's body. Hissing bitterly into what was of her left ear, starving for more of her tortured cries. “Little one, give up already. It’s alright. We will forgive you. We always do.” It only took mere seconds after those words for the intoxicating mixture of merciful pain and pleasure to send Evan over the edge.

Gasping out her held back breath, the woman's bloodstained drool colorfully spotted the bed-sheets and the steam soaked window. Ethan let go of the beaten now twitching climaxed body of his little sister pleased. Nearly unconscious Evan sank down into the oldest’ oil-stained hands. Dominique went to take extra time cleaning his fingers off as he painfully slipped himself out of her, but Ethan had a better idea. While an ashamed woman tried to push herself free from his brother's hold. The man reached over and grabbed Dominique's hand, closing his scorched tender mouth over the dripping fingers. The eldest brother could not help but snicker, shaking his head at the arousing sight; as Ethan's immensely pleased expression threatened to spoil the game. He didn't seem to mind at all though sucking unforgivingly on his brother's fingers. With an eager groaned Dominique's twitching lower half, reminded him this was under the ruse of punishment and not of pleasure. He kissed at his pitiful sister's flushed cheek finding her attempt more comical than anything else.  Ethan finally reluctantly removed his brother's fingers from his mouth with an exaggerated "pop". The thick line of spit mixed with cum connecting his lips and Dominique's fingers while Evan gawked in horror was shameless, more so for his older brother's sake than his little sister's.


The twins each having had their fun mocking their now exhausted “prey”, allowed Evan to keep trying to fight them off. Drafting in and out of clear consciousness, it was always a sight to behold, never taking more than a few days of pretending to be miserable or maybe even a single disapproving remark and there went little Evan's confidence crumbling down into nothing. Even now she was still trying to reason with the situation, pushing away from the hazy shadows as they toyed with her body. Every slight brush of a touch rushed a jolt of wild almost possessive electricity through her frame; forcing her to bend and contort to their will. Mortified, the woman shook her head and jerked it away whenever she felt the gentle touch of pressed lips up against her burning flesh. Feeling herself boiling alive again and again; it was driving the poor woman to madness. Yet still the frizzy blurs of her brothers “tormented” her, as she began to forget this was only “training”. Having the thought to try and reason with the men, breathlessly calling out to them for mercy she begged again and again with swollen lips and a fleeting whisper of a voice. “Enough, enough…can’t..…the heat…it burns. am sorry...No more. Please.”

Ethan was the first to grow tired of this little fit, grabbing hold of the foolish girl and yanking her to his chest. This had always calmed her down when she was being unreasonable. A wary Evan tried to push herself away from her brother, as he whispered down to her with more poison honeywords. “Little one, we love you. Come now…stop this. Behave as you always have. It isn't your fault...you are still learning.”  Shaking her head no; fighting back with water fogging up her eyes, overwhelmed Evan hides in Ethan’s pounding chest. The man sighed a hint of boredom leaking out. Eyeing Dominique for a moment, before petting the woman’s trembling head, kissing the top of it “Come now, do you think we like doing this…surely you do not think so little of us?…Evan be good and except your punishment. It will feel better, even good once you get use to it again. Doesn’t it always, there is no need to fight us anymore.” Frustrated the young woman used all her might to free herself from her older brother's embrace, shouting out at both men as if she really did have a say in anything. “Enough Enough, ibanilru!”

The men looked at one another, the oldest just shook his head. What a pathetic sight, Poor little Evan still hadn't become aware of her place. Still didn't understand the depth of the situation even after all this time and as always Ethan wanted to spoon feed her. Dominique leaned back onto the bed, counting down to Ethan’s shot tempered meltdown. He did not even get to eight before the younger man by only mere seconds jerked the girl’s hair down,  forcing her to look straight up into his inflame eyes. They commanded her to surrender. Ethan watched as pure fear washed over the young woman’s face. Evan’s scream like groaned, eased the man’s short temper as he started to mark up and down her trembling neck. Targeting the overly sensitive smaller scars and healing bruises, to prove to her this was no mere game. Well not anymore, it had started off that way but Damn it. It never ended that way and that wasn't going to change. The action seemed to do its’ job, as she seemed to climax with almost every slight touch of his bitter lips. Dominique enjoyed the show, his cracked chuckle laughed as he witnessed  Evan’s eager and untamed eyes snivel while Ethan devoured her alive.

He could not get enough of it; it reminded him so much of how Mma was with Ntate. After beating the poor man senseless; she would always send him to paradise. It was sickening yet pleasing at the same time.  The sobbing whimpers, the chocked down hissed moans ashamed of their existence begging for what could be interpreted as a plead for more. A front row seat to it all; it was rejuvenating to the older man, bringing him back to simpler times when the family was together. He laughed outright to that nostalgic thought creeping its’ way inside of his head, as he tried to sum up the whole thing as a testament to true love or what he deemed it to be.


As the oldest of the two, he knew it was for the best to share with his more impatient little brother. Otherwise, they would have to start from scratch again. Dominique rolled his eyes watching the two shaking his head faintly. He always had to be the level headed one, must be nice to get to be the spoiled. Evan tried to fight her way out of the hold, as lustful sugared over words kissed tenderly over her bruised and teased flesh but it was useless, she was far too weak to do anything. Ethan was not playing around, digging his hand into the back of her head. Yanking her back into her rightful place. which seem to be beneath him.

There was no way they could go back to playing those needless roles anymore. That line had been crossed again and again. It was what it was, just how things were. Evan was theirs, Mma knew it and was proud of it; she welcomed the idea of keeping her precious ones away from those she felt were unworthy. All the while Ntate knew it but chose to play dumb about it. Dominique could not help but snigger at that. The whore chose not to come to terms with it. His sons given their little sister ; receiving mother's blessing. Sad but true. Maybe Evan got that from him...


May 9, 2018 at 4:19 am
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