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Rub N Chug

By: Masuyo Tsukasa (AnnaCLamoureux Resident)
Type: Official business - Tea and massage parlor

BACKGROUND: Masuyo is soft spoken with a kinky and psychotic streak. She has shown up in Hathian with her brother, who is equally twisted but manipulated by his sister. They had to leave where they were again and being honest Hathian is the perfect place for them to play their twisted games. We all know that RnC is a brothel offering happy endings and we totally don't want to change that. I will contact new signups welcoming them and well offering 'training' That training could be many things, straight forward sexual encounters but if the rper is interested in something else, maybe an element of force or human trafficking we are totally willing to work with people on threading those types of stories. I have started to rp down at RnC on this character and started to contact people in the rp group. While the roster isn't working correctly that isn't stopping me working with people on the list. I will be rping working for an absent owner that doesn't give a damn, eventually she hopes to get with a few people and buy the business out. After all if the owner thinks the business is down the pan then there is a good chance they will sell cheap. (that is down the line though)

UNIQUE: We all know that sex is a big part of Bourbon st rp and well TT also offers naked flesh and private rooms, but i'd love that Masu and her brother will offer a little more edge behind the polite facade. While she might appear the perfect polite host, she might drug you as a customer and do her best to relieve you of more cash while convincing you you had a great night! We also do want to look at the human trafficking/force etc obviously not on a large scale but like all rp stories work well when they are woven together.

EXPERIENCE: I have on an alt lead a business in CD for over a year, and yes you might say why did you leave that will you stick here. My reply is many people don't last that long and 12 months of good RP in a business is a good thing!

IDEAS: As a previous lead i've done this often and are happy to help out new comers. I'm used to it often newcomers to rp need a little hand holding and i'll continue to do that. Welcoming people to the business will be done by contacting IC/OOC and also trying to encourage rpers to join our rp ic. Whether this is training or 'dragging' them off the street all options are open!

OTHER: I believe that events (whether a re-opening event) or generally are to raise awareness of rp. A reopening with tea, sake and speciality drinks. Free foot massages and giving out vouchers, the vouchers would offer discounted services. Lets be honest some people don't want their happy endings in the middle of loads of people.

April 2, 2016 at 7:36 am
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April 6, 2016 at 8:29 am
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