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Hathian Labour Union and Hardware Store

By: Naomi Xú Jiang (harleyxquinnx Resident)
Type: Official business - Labor Union and Hardware Store

BACKGROUND: As the lead of The Hathian Labour Union and Hardware Store, I would be mainly focusing on activity and roleplay at the Union. I would aim to increase the roleplay and activity at the Union by having regular meetings, events and daily-goings on at the Union, so that contractors, handy-men, clerks and union employees have fun and get immersed in the Union roleplay. I would aim to assign all contractors and handy-men job opportunities at their discretion. Union Employees would also be assigned different jobs and tasks to under-take like visiting local businesses to see how workers are treated by their employers, there would also be weekly/monthly meetings where any concerns could be brought up, and plans could be made (planning strikes, protests, etc). Hardware Employees would also have many tasks to do, and they would have to ensure that enough equipment is sold daily to keep a steady income. I plan on having the Labour Union and Hardware Store's reputation held high by the public and on the surface the Union will be seen just like any other.. but in the shadows of the Union and Hardware Store, criminal activity and corruption will take place.. hidden behind closed doors. Naomi is affiliated with The Devouring and the Union and Hardware Store would be a perfect place to use to her advantage , contractors, handy-men and those who prove their loyalty would be offered to under-take job opportunities(of the criminal sort *wink wink*) These job opportunities would be solely for herself and the cult. (Like said only trusted persons would know about the criminal activity thriving in the shadows of the Union).. (not wanting to give away too many details!).. The Labour Union and Hardware Store could also give her chances to find potential recruits and persons who could be loured into the cult and it's twisted beliefs. Events ---> As Lead I would ensure that there would be constant Events where not only Union Staff, but Citizens could get involved, I've currently been thinking about a violent protest and strike.. as said Naomi is part of The Devouring and the demon believed to be within her is Wrath, Naomi's main aim in life is to free persons demons.. what perfect way to do this than making employees of businesses violently protest and strike against their employers because they're "treated unfairly".

UNIQUE: The Labor Union and Hardware Store will stand out from other businesses as it's seen as a respected, and law-obeying organization when in reality it is the complete opposite. Although that being said not everyone will be involved with the criminal side of roleplay and only a select few will. (Persons who Naomi trusts)

EXPERIENCE: I think the fact that I'm a good team-worker and communicator will help me as a leader, I'm also very approachable and friendly out of character and always more than willing to help with anything! whether people have questions about the Labour Union or Crack Den Community I'm always there to answer questions and help.

IDEAS: I also plan on engaging new players/and employees into the Union through numerous ways, mainly through meetings and interviews so Naomi can get an understanding of the person, also Naomi's office door would always be open (unless their is a dead body in the room eh 😉 ) for persons to ask any in-character questions.

OTHER: If Naomi became the lead persons could expect fliers to be posted at their employment making them question if they're really being paid enough and treated fairly, Also the hardware store would be selling discounted items for the first few days of her taking over!

June 4, 2016 at 12:40 am
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June 7, 2016 at 9:29 am
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