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I'll just put in my slightly edited IC info from my application:

(I changed first name from Hunter to Angela, because I've been told that Hunter doesn't sound female to some people, though among college-age people in rl it's now a female name).

Angela Belloit grew up in a rather small town in eastern Alabama, to a family that was fairly prominent in the town.  She had a sister 5 years older, whose social graces set a high standard for her.  Her father owned one of the two main restaurants in the town, while her mother taught social studies at the local high school.

Her upbringing was about keeping up appearances, above all else.  While being able to do this was a valuable skill, she also learned she had to hide her true self and try to be oh so respectable.  While her ability gave her some popularity, she became tired of having to be "on" all the time and became less outgoing and more quiet, while still maintaining the facade she had to maintain when she did socialize.

That led her to the high school drama club and productions, such that at least if she had to maintain a facade she could also play different characters on stage.  Different facades were better than always the same.  As part of her having to be respectable, her figure remained important to her as well, and she spent a lot of time at the gym.

She came to Columtreal University to study acting, but as to her family's image despite the somewhat shy personality she had developed, she had to join the "best" sorority she could get herself into, as her big sister had 5 years ago.  She was able to turn on the charm and do fairly well in sorority rush.

She now sometimes socializes with her sisters, sometimes with more artsy people, and sometimes needs her alone time.  The common thread, however, is she almost never reveals her true feelings.  Everyone thinks she likes them, and she honestly wants to be nice to most people, though there are a few she secretly dislikes and may secretly sabotage.

She very much values appearing appropriate, and to some degree  actually being appropriate.  She's likely to develop fewer inhibitions regarding the latter through character development, though keeping up appearances is ingrained in her to the point that's less likely to change.

OOC: My basic desire is to play a character back in college, because I wish that's where I still were.  She's in many ways different from me, now or then, and I deliberately made her way of relating not entirely healthy.

But she's still someone it would be fun to play.  With CU activity low, I may need help finding other CU students to rp with, not knowing the IC hangouts for students.  Of course, this time of year she'd be back "home" rather than at college, but that part is just creative license as I see it.

June 1, 2017 at 5:20 am
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