Hello! After some floundering in a new city and adjusting to a month of Hathian life Katja has finally found her angle and become part of the (non-medical) staff at HGH. With a Bachelor's in Communication she's taken up a Patient Advocate role. This role is to serve as a mediator, when necessary, between patients and medical staff. She'll also be doing some follow-up calls for recently discharged patients to see how they're doing and if they need further treatment.

The idea behind the role is to provide something different than the simple nurse and doctor role, as well as to provide continued RP outside of the hospital once released, even if it's just a "phone call" to check up on someone, which is a typical practice for many hospitals. The other intention is to provide some extra RP time for those who are currently holed up in the hospital while recovering, because being left alone and standing around is no fun! I'll do my best to initiate random scenes with admitted patients as RL and online time allows.

Katja's other role is to serve as a counselor. She is not a psychologist or psychiatrist. Just a counselor (currently attending school for more). When not in the hospital picking up hours, or taking classes at CU, she also works as a counselor out of the CU clinic and can be found there for more low-key scenes that don't require the general hospital setting.

I look forward to meeting staff and patients alike and creating a new bridge! If you see her around, get creative. I'm always happy to RP.

If you can't be good, be good at it.