FDH application for noobs, what the application giver gives out...

The Fire Department of Hathian Application (FDH)
So, you're interested in being a firefighter/EMT for Hathian? This isn't for the faint of heart. If you don't have any courage or bravery, and you can't stand the sight of blood, this probably isn't the job for you. Being a medic and a firefighter is a duty that is not taken lightly, and every aspect of it is crucial to assure that we get the job done when it needs to be done. If you're still up for the job, continue reading below. Make sure to rename the notecard with your AV name so we know who you are.

*******DO NOT WEAR YOUR OFF DUTY TAG OR RP THAT YOU ARE A PART OF THE FD UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN INTERVIEWED!!! And note that this is a hybrid role, everyone is a firefighter/medic.
****We will let you slide and be a medic only, but there is no firefighter only role.

Tell us a little about yourself so we can better understand you.

(The following information is all roleplaying information.)

General Information
First Name:
Middle Name (if one):
Last Name:
Date of Birth:
AV name (A must so we can find you)
Amount of months/years in Hathian (RL and RP) :

Physical Information (RP only)
Health Record:
Known Illnesses:
Brief Physical Description:

Background Information (RP only)
Previous Experience:

Brief Bioigraphy:

Other Questions
Why do you want to be a FDH fighterfighter/medic?

What are your goals in joining the FDH?

Are you willing to follow commands and pay attention at all times?

Are you willing to go through training to become a firefighter AND a medic?

In one sentence, describe your work ethics.

Are you affiliated with any gangs or gang-like organizations?

Do you hold employment at any other municipal department (e.g. HPD, HGH)?

Respond to this post as if you were in an RP:
You walk up to someone who has a small laceration on their hand. They are bleeding, but not too badly and are hysterical over what is basically a paper cut.


** The following questions is based on real life, and it is the only real life question that will be asked. **

Do you have any real life firefighting or EMT experience?


We appreciate your interest in joining FDH. This application will be viewed by all higher ranks of the FDH. You will be contacted within a reasonable time frame with a conclusion on your application. If you don't receive any feedback on your conclusion within one or two days of submitting one, please contact Chief Rog Messmer, Captain Doe Katsuragi (Shadoe Ninetails) or LT's Cal Fox (Callaway Bing) or Cherie Listern . If you have any further questions, please visit the department in Hathian and we would gladly help you.

- The Fire Department of Hathian.
((place in the little black mailbox beside the door in the FDH station when filled out))

********** The basic format for the incident report for the online system **********
********** Set up for both fire and/or medical calls. **********

*Involved medic(s)/firefighter(s)
*Witness(es) (if applicable)
*Vehicle(s) responding.

*Situation upon arrival.

*Action's taken on scene.

*Possible ongoing threat to the public.

*Further action.