Worker, Assigned Caseworker: Karisha Terebun (comitose)


Child's Name: Oliver, Last Name Unknown. - Oliver White (GuyMarshall)


Age: Explained he is 10 or so... Looks to be of that age.


Biological Parents: Unknown.


Date of Report: 09/15/2018 -visit was on 09/14/2018 and will remain ongoing.


Information: Oliver walked into Civil Services looking for a job he can get for his age group. He explained he had seen a sign outside the building of stick people holding hands, the child can not read although he can sound out some letters. Child is also trying to find his parents. Presently living at Sheltered Hearts of Hathian.


Evaluators Notes:

Very polite and well mannered.

Shows interest in life.

Walking with crutches from broken leg along with a wrist bandage.

Prefers his space, leery of being touched.

Possible Amnesia



Continued visits