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Hathian Civil Services

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Legal and social services in Hathian.

Let breath some life in CS RP

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Hey all given that unfortunately I have had to make the decision to disband The Haven (I was seeing way too many people off either out of CD or rping that character!) I’ve made the decision to start having a go at breathing some RP life into CS. A few things I absolutely get CS is a huge beast of a monster in trying to get active so i’ll be concentrating on a small amount and getting that active before moving on etc However what I want to do before getting too heavily into any one thing is start a discussion in here about what the community wants. So i’ll outline some of my initial plans some of the things i’d love to see and open it up to all of you!

I will be honest i’m looking to take lawyer on IC and have decided to go out of the CS group to get one for myself Violet and Core Law group but you have tools to help you. You want to find cases? In the CS office there is the chance to pull up the roster - on that roster you can go find out who is in jail currently. Also upstairs in the CS is a HPD public terminal. Now I know that the admins are working on some things for the group but this doesn’t stop you rping out some scenarios with what you have now. Go mix things up with the HPD, go after a business for food poisoning so many possibilities!

For my part i’m going to offer something here if there is a need (and I ask the admin that i’m not stepping on ideas). I’m going to offer up an NPC character for some Lawyer RP he will be jaded, and rather annoyed that he’s ended up at a backwater city like Hathian but he’s there because of some decisions he’s made. Anyway i’m not going to make him a defense lawyer he’s going to be prosecution and maybe a judge for some cases. But here’s the thing I will offer him up to plead out your cases or whatever. Up for domestic terrorism but don’t want to be locked away forever or sent to some place out of the US….plead out your case and do some community service. We need people to clean up Hathian it could be you. You might be given a community order to spend time as a candy striper (can you imagine the mayhem!)

My proposal on the NPC lawyer character will be to put the cases one by one into the forums so we can assign follow up rp which takes us on to

Parole officers
I absolutely get its hard right now to find rp and hopefully we can sort things to find you some as part of follow up to pleaded cases. Do you RP a PO could you please post in here just so we can see who we have who is active!


YOU have the power, no seriously you really do you know you can lock people up in the psych ward and mess with their brains? What’s that they’re already messed up?

So here we go I have a male alt working in the hospital as a shrink (which once I get myself sorted now that the holiday season is almost over and work gets to normal) he will be much more active. He isn’t a nice guy and will work his own agenda but as an extended RP to your jail RP he’ll be more than happy to make you feel comfortable in the HGH psych cells. I’m working oocly with Rachel and we’ll see what we can do to get some fun RP going.

Other ideas - Group therapy sessions, anger management - perhaps as part of a parolees follow up rp - forced time in the cells (with ooc agreement) - so many ideas!

Social workers
This is where I see Mollie fitting IC though she will meddle in the therapy too nothing better than a do gooder who isn’t fully informed and with her own agenda. This may include working with youths, but also making sure that the criminals are fully rehabilitated (read into that what you will) she will absolutely still be wanting to push her ideas of spreading light to Hathian.

I’m proposing we post cases in the forums and just see where it takes us.

I could continue rambling on but i’m hoping this will start some discussions and we can get some fun started.  I'm hoping that if you are in the CS group and want to get active you will post in here.  (A note to Esme or Blue can you post a notice in the CS group with a link to this thread thanks!)

January 2, 2016 at 5:04 am
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February 7, 2016 at 12:35 pm
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