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Students and faculty of Columtreal University in Black Bottom… for important guides and details, visit

New Lectures: VSAR101, 102, and 103

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Columtreal's newest lecturer is Vincenzo Amatore, reknowned artist and Creative Director of the post-graduate Armory, Institute of Visual Arts. Papers run by this lecturer contribute towards the completion of your Bachelor of Media, Digital Arts, and Film, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Bachelor of Applied Arts Degrees, to name a few. These papers may also be worked into other majors and minors, please see your careers counselor for more information, or request a meeting with Vincenzo.


VSAR101 Practical Art Theory and Application

Format: Lecture, workshop, and critique circle. ((This class is once a week, and will take either of these formats))

Content: This class explores the basic principles of practical art application. Students are required to bring their own equipment needed to work in their preferred medium. ((OOC - if you actually follow through with the RP guidelines, you'll finish the first class series with a completed portrait of your SL character)).

VSAR102 Introduction to Digital Art

Format: Lecture

Content: This one off class is meant to be a supplement to VSAR101, and will explore your digital art options, including a beginner tutorial to the basic features of either Photoshop or Gimp (depending upon how many students possess which).

ST:VSAR103 (Special Topic) Introduction to Digital art in the Media

Format: Lecture

Content: This one off class is meant to supplement VSAR101, and will proceed only with sufficient enrollment. It will serve as an introduction to the role of digital artists in film, book publishing, and game development, to give students an idea of (real life) roles in the various industries. This class will be followed by one on one career guidance sessions where students may discuss their academic direction, and entry into real world industries.

ST:VSAR300 (Special Topic) Art and International Copyright Law

Format: Lecture

Content: This one off special topic class may be accessible by first year students, depending upon current academic achievements. It incorporates information on (real world) intellectual property law, and how it might apply to your craft.

June 3, 2015 at 11:17 pm
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