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Feedback Wanted: CU Teaching Idea

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Hey everyone, for those who have no idea who I am or haven't met me in CD yet, my name is Zoey Summers - a freshman at CU - 19yrs old (20 on March 17th) - part time member of the FDH and part time ecstasy cook (from her dorm room, so if you smell something funky, she's probably cooking) - and full time trouble maker. 🙂

So why the intro? I know for many of the students at CU, there is a lack of variety in classes, through no fault of anyone's. I've often said, if we ourselves are not willing to teach a class in order to stay true to our characters we can't really expect other people to just do it for us. Everyone has to play their own character. But it got me thinking, there must be a way to start slowly pushing some life back into CU - it has a large group of followers and it's home in Crack Den really lends it to be the perfect "college" style rp without being restricted to just the campus.

So here's my thought, and I put it out to the forums first for some feedback, because maybe - given who my character is, it just doesn't make enough sense, but maybe folks wouldn't mind the slighlty unrealistic avenue it takes in order to add another class to the schedule.

Zoey has had numerous run ins with the law - so my thought is that perhaps the school has issued an ultimatum - a quid pro quo if you will. Thanks to the recent passing of the University's long time health professor, Professor Yari Samone, the school has been in need of someone to fill his electives. Zoey, even though a student, having had significant EMT training and in jeopardy of expulsion could be the perfect candidate for the school to continue to offer a 1- 2 credit 4 week program (that could just keep getting renewed if successful) on health and emergency medicine. As a student she wouldn't need to be paid, because her payment would be not expelling her from campus.

So what about the classes? First off, I know nothing about medical training except for what Google so blissfully provides when I type in the search. I also have zero interest in really teaching a class. So what would class look like? For the most part, it would be one part informational (a quick google search on a procedure to post once or twice about), and then conversational (easily getting off track talking about recent parties, drama in the city, ambulance calls she's been on), followed by some sort of test. The test would of course be Scantron. If someone role-plays a good student, they could say in advance so they automatically score well, but if people prefer, Zoey would pretty much just jam them as many as she could at a time into the Scantron machine, hopefully with the right answer key and well - havoc could ensue with grades. The class would last 4 weeks - once, maybe twice per week depending on demand and my schedule.

Personally, I think it's a good way to get the FDH a bit more exposure and I think it's a good way to add some curriculum to CU, BUT, I do really get that a 19/20 yr old student teaching a class is very very unlikely, and for some, maybe it ruins the immersion. I don't want to alt up as a teacher, and I don't want to fast forward my character, but what I really don't want to to is put something out there that maybe there is no real interest in. So I put it out to the community for thoughts and feedback.

March 6, 2017 at 7:56 am
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