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    Jjsyn Resident

    Jjsyn Resident Posted an update 11 months ago

    One week will the 2020 year of SeaSide starts , the summer has been non stop . Eliza has started punching holes in the wall, some strange older girls’ going around the city trying to claim I’m a sugar daddy , because I hand out pre loaded meal cards . There was a strange check dropped off at the office , looked like Graces hand writing , I need to make a appointment with the bank manager of the school district to get some kind of authorization on it before I deposit it .

    We will be trying to have the old basement cleaned up , Ive done a ton of runs in my truck out to the dump, The Counselors can set up a area for meeting with the kids that’s not as intimidating as the hgh psychiatrics ward . gives me bad dreams . Seans Diner had our first movie night , the next will be in the gym .


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