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    Damian O'Hanlon


    Name: Damian O’Hanlon

    Current HPD Rank: Rookie

    Brief Character Backstory: Damian O’Hanlon was born in HGH in ’05. By the time he was 6, both parents had disappeared from his life and he found himself being torn away from his hometown to be raised by his grandmother in Baton Rouge. For the next 4-5 years he had a sense of stability and ‘home’. That reflected in his education and his attitude, before his grandmother became ill. From 12 to 18 not much is known about Damian as his juvenile arrest and conviction records in Baton Rouge were sealed on his eighteen birthday ((though that likely wouldn’t stop HPD Higher Ups from prying eyes during his hiring process)). Coincidently his 18th birthday was also the day he was released from the states juvenile detention. After his release he returned to Baton Rouge where he found his last remaining family, his grandmother, had passed during his confinement.  Upon his release he eventually found himself working on a fishing boat around the Hathian, LA region, where he settled into a dock house just out of town. It was nice. It was peaceful and quiet and steady work. Far better than his former life and confinement. He learned quickly he /did not/ like the hard laborious life of fishing so he focused on finding something  better around town. Both in the form of a job and a place to live. He moved into Room 8 at Master Bates Inn, and after spamming online applications two returned with offers. The clam… and HPD. He chose the latter, and reported for his first patrol 7/9/24 as a Rookie.


    Legacy Name: Demetrius Couturier

    Normal Play Times (SLT): EST; M-Thurs 3-5pm – 10-11pm, Weekends on for more extended times.

    RP Favorites/RP Sought: As a rookie he will more than likely just exist; free-form without any realized personal or professional intent or purpose other than to ‘learn’ what he needs to do and how to do it, survive, and take home that check. So; Pecking orders, Places, Faces, Names, and how his fellow officers handle things are going to be his key to life for however long. During that time he’ll try to do more supporting of other officers and their IC needs, he’ll be likely following everyone else, and asking around for anything that’s needed from him rather than ‘cutting his teeth’ on his own. Whether its ‘picking up shifts’, filing legit reports or false ones, or even some lighter nefarious deeds at co-workers requests; his focus will be on everyone else besides himself as he’s in the ‘rookie and officer’ learning stages. He’ll be a sponge like that, up until the time he eventually makes some rank, where he might make a decision to push for a more ‘specialized role over his career.’. Long form, slow burned, and way down the line; I’d like to see him IC earn his way up to being an officer or investigator on a gang unit if that’s even something we do here in the HPD. I don’t even know if the ideas are feasible, however if so – I’d like to play a part in something like a scandalous ‘Gang intelligence unit’ similar to the former LASD CRASH unit or the officer involved gangs that came out of it.