I'm Liker, I just want to say hi and let you know some of what I'm about.  My twin sis and I are setting to have some fun in this lame town.  We need friends to make that happen so you're all invited to our hangout in section 8.  We're calling it Streetratz and it's our clubhouse for teens only.  Don't bring your little brother or sister, only 13 to 19 year olds get in.  Not like we check ID's or any of that shit, just no one that's immature and a pain in our asses.  The place is still being worked on but you can come on by and check it out if you want.  The passcode on the door is 1319 which is the age range allowed.  RP in Streetratz will be teentalk and not turn based.  Don't spam chat but try and keep your RP fast and no more than 2 or three sentences per entry.



I'm also the new manager of the comic book store and we're going to start running Magic the Gathering draft tournaments soon.  If you wanna play get over to the Untap.in website, sign up and learn how to use the system a little bit.  We'll RP in the store.

Lots more to come, check you later