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Hathian Police Department

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The Den’s Largest Gang. Upholding the law of Hathian with absolute corruption.

HPD non-cop job opportunities

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krystal87 resident


In order to address some of the areas HPD is known to lack the most as well in attempt to open new possibilities for individual character stories, we'll be introducing three new civilian positions within the HPD. These IC jobs suit for main character who might like to work as part of municipal department but isn't quite willing to become a police officer, but they also work for alt characters that people might occasionally want to use for entertain themselves/others and to help out with times there may not be real cop around -- These roles are not meant to replace or handle HPD's "work", when it comes into interacting with arrested characters or filing the reported crimes, nor they are meant to be something that one could use alt to take OOC advantage of HPD to benefit their main character's schemes, so please, let's try not to abuse this. Goes without saying that IC actions have IC consequences.

IC wise, people working on these jobs are not police officers, thus they shouldn't act like one even though they are part of HPD in their own way, they are extempt from some rights of a sworn officer, such as obtaining firearm permits or outright arresting people.

The Jobs;


-A job for innocent gal or guy type character -- Duties range from taking complaints from citizens at reception and submitting them into system for later review from getting sexually harassed by occasional horny officer or ending up a hostage of inmate -- Dresscode is rather free, however certain level of tact is expected.

Corrections Officer/Guard

-Outsourced from NPC security company with questionable reputation, these men and women are professionals when it comes into keeping the inmates in check either by conventional or... not so conventional means. Duties range from prisoner intakes to abusing the very inmates they're guarding and releasing inmates whose time is up. There's free uniform available at locker room, but you're free to use your own, as long it's black/dark grey/grey and resembles something corrections officer would use. Guards do not carry firearms.

Technician/Crime Scene Investigator

-The people who are called to take a look, when there's need to clean up the blood and guts, while photographing and cataloguing the findings for Detectives. They run the technical side of crime scene investigation, such as DNA checks and other tasks that require special equipment or training. Coordinating OOC'ly with criminal player regarding the evidence that could be found from the crime scenes is mandatory.

Description, duties and such are subject to change in future, once we know what interests people and what doesn't along with what works and what doesn't -- This is after all bit of a trial.

To join, you must fill out the HPD application and after being accepted and added to groups, send a message to me or Craig Hamilton (paulburkowski Resident), and let us know which job you're interested in, so we can move you into correct spot in roster. Application is necessary for you being able to use PD's roster/database features and even to use stations doors.


December 15, 2019 at 11:12 am
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Timothy Franz


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November 14, 2020 at 8:45 am
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