How to be promoted:

If you are reading this, you have been, or would like to be, selected for promotion. This has been created in order to showcase both dedication to the actual role of a supervisor, and to ensure that the rest of the HPD sees and values you and your character as someone they can rely on as a leader. Please get creative with these tasks, and don’t be afraid to step out of the box. If you have an idea on a task that may be better suited to your character, speak up! We’d love to hear from you.

Minimum requirements
Have been active for at least 30 days
Have lead a task force (can be done during task. See below.)
Are in good standing (OOCly) in CD
Balanced Corruption/ HPD First
Who to contact:
Send an IC email, OOC IM, and/or RP directly with your supervising officer (Officers go to Corporals, Corporals to Sergeants, etc.)
OOCly IM and IC contact your SGT or LT if the above is unresponsive
The Captain only takes recommendations from Brass

From here, you will be asked to perform a task in order to be promoted. These can be chosen by you, or a superior can recommend a task.
Activity/task(s) must extend over a 4 week period of time if below corporal
Will require regular contact/updates to superiors
Should incorporate some measure of corruption, and help rookies in some way (training, participation, etc.)

To break down a general timeline, this is what you should be focusing on in each week. Keep in mind this is just a suggestion, and may not fit with every task.

Week 1
Figure out a focus for your character and ICly send an email regarding your wish to focus on this area, along with how you plan to execute your chosen task/focus. This may be relayed to the group via notice, or task group. Talk to your current brass OOC if you are unsure what this should entail. It could be white collar crime, training rookies, internal social hours, gang intel, managing informants, police stings, etc. Be creative
Choose a rookie or two to mentor. By the end of this they should be ready to be promoted themselves, or assigned a special duty such as FTO or Detective if they so desire
Week 2
Come up with a small storyline/plot for the HPD that does not involve gangs.
Take your rookie and follow up on a warrant
Get your rookie to perform one mild act of corruption
Week 3
Practice your leadership and delegation skills. Lead a task force or investigation
Take your rookie (and whomever else) to a crowded business and do an ID check. Assert yourself as someone important. Brass need to have a presence!
Week 4
Start to close out any storylines and the task force. Don’t forget to send an email to your supervisor for any updates.