FDH Incident Report.

Date: 30 June, 2011

Time: 1100

Responding Medic: Jessi Marseille
Responding HPD Officer if applicable: Gabby
Vehicle taken: pointy nosed bus that is a bitch to drive
Time Arrived on Scene: 1115
Patient name: Kairi
Patient Age: late teens, early twenties
Patient sex: Female
Patient injury: multiple lacerations to face, back, thigh
Multiple bruising to wrists, back and lower legs
(taken from Kairi's injury NC
Patchy hair loss, big bald patch at the front.

Bruised back

Whore carved over her back.

Bruised lower leg.

Bruised wrists from being tied.

Slash down full face.

Slash down cheek which nicked the eyeball too.

slash down opposing cheek, that started with a stab.
Another random slash on her face.

Cut down thigh, which gets deeper towards the knee, slit an artery.

Severe burns to inner thighs.

Chunk of flesh from the thigh cut away (found in the burnt rubbish. Some remnents of it in her mouth&teeth)

She opened her bowels into the bloody mess, just because no one ever does when they die! 😀

Patient Vitals: DOA
Time Arrived at HGH Metro:NPC'ed, NC given to Lance Amat
Time returned to Station: 1300

Call recieved earlier in the day, After getting to work and logging into the system, the call was seen by one Jessi Marseille, who promptly responded...three hours later.

Upon arival, vitals taken, no pulse, no respiration, unresponsive, laceration to leg and blood that had pooled indicitative of sever/fatal blood loss.

HPD contacted, HGH contacted, patient then placed in a body bag after the scene had been cleared and transported to HGH.