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[Social Work Case] Naumri Children

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Case File for: Astrid Masala - 13, Elijah Jaxson (or Jackson) Naumri - 13, Phia Naumri - 10.

Background: Astrid has been living with her adoptive mother, Vie Masala, while Elijah and Phia have been living with their mother, grandmother, and uncle.

The current situation: Astrid left Ms. Masala's home (without the court's knowledge or consent) to live with her biological mother. Her biological mother was in a car accident and will be in critical condition, then recovery, for some time. The grandmother is currently living out of state, and the uncle is not able to care for the children. Vie Masala will not let Astrid live with her again. Ms. Claire Goodman has agreed to foster all three children

Background checks:

Claire Goodman has no criminal record.

References include:

References provided by Hathian Civil Services HR, where Ms. Goodman works.

She also works at Hathian General Hospital.

Home visit: Goodman lives in a plantation house a few hours from town. Elijah has his own room, while the girls share one.

Discipline policy: When asked how she would handle it if one of the children got into trouble, Goodman replied, "Dynamically. Certainly not with a negative reaction would be the best answer. Wrong is often subjective especially in parenting."

Fire, health, and safety inspections: Clear

CPR/First Aid Certification: Valid

TB testing for household members: Done

The children have been homeschooled.

This file was sent to ((NPC) Judge Jonathan Dough, who approved the transfer of FULL guardianship of the children to Claire Goodman.

Next: Ms. Goodman will be informed of the judges' decision. She would normally be given a booklet on HCS' policy on discipline and be required to attend parenting classes twice a month. Given that Goodman is a social worker herself, these requirements will be waived. HCS will check in with the family once a month for six months, and check ins will peter out after the six month mark ((The check ins will be off screen/FTB, unless the family indicates a desire to RP it)).

March 19, 2021 at 1:19 pm
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March 25, 2021 at 10:41 pm
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