Background: ((No IC files were actually available. Ethan Tillman RP'd giving me previous case files))

The current situation: Dr. Ethan Tillman would like to adopt Nathan Clement (logan.baguier) Clement states he wants the same.

Name change requested? Yes. Nathan Clement would like to change his last name to Clement-Tillman.

Background checks:

Ethan Tillman has one citation for disorderly conduct.

Nathan Clement has no record.


Tillman is a doctor at Hathian General Hospital.

References include:

Vie Masala

Sam Warrhol

Home visit: Adequate sleeping space.

Discipline policy: Tillman discusses issues and will ground Nathan as needed. However, Tillman stated he has never had to utilize such discipline.

Fire, health, and safety inspections: Clear

CPR/First Aid Certification: Valid

TB testing for household members: Done

Nathan Clement is currently attending Seaside. His grades are passing, and his attendance record is acceptable.

This file was sent to ((NPC) Judge Jonathan Dough, who approved the adoption of Nathan Clement by Dr. Ethan Tillman. Nathan Clement is now legally known as Nathan Clement-Tillman.