Background: When Eliza Evan and her brother, Gabriel, first came to the City of Hathian, they were underage wards of the state. Gabriel Evans was emancipated from the state at the age of 17 and became joint guardian for Eliza. Joint guardianship was awarded to Jason Downfall as well, due to Mr. Evans young age. The Evans lived with Mr. Downfall for some time.

The current situation: Eliza Evans is no longer living with Mr. Downfall, as he is away a lot. Gabriel Evans is no longer able to serve as his sister's guardian; Mr. Evans has suffered a brain injury. He is Ms. Evans only living relative.

Ms. Evans is currently 15 and is requesting that guardianship be awarded to Ms. Vie Masala, with whom Ms. Evans has been living with for months. Ms. Evans stated, ""I really hope this goes well with the judge, because Vie is like the only person Ive been able to make any connections with.. so please.. try what you can.. And thank you.."

Background checks: 

Vie Masala has no criminal record.

Gabriel Evans has no criminal record.

Eliza Evans has one record of running away from home.

References include:

Rog Messmer - FDH Chief

Vanora Blackheart -  HPD

Education: Ms. Evans is currently attending Oak Meadow School, an online learning platform, with a good attendance record and passing grades.

Home visit:

Adequate sleeping space: Ms. Evans has her own  room.

Discipline policy: Ms. Masala stated that discipline is hard. Her current method of discipline is to talk about things, while providing structure and balance. Ms. Masala occasionally removes Ms. Evans; privileges.

Fire, health, and safety inspections: Clear

CPR/First Aid Certification: Valid

TB testing for household members: Done


This file was sent to ((NPC)) Judge Jonathan Dough, who approved the transfer of FULL guardianship of Eliza Evans to Vie Masala.

Next: Ms. Masala will be informed of the judges' decision and be given a booklet on HCS' policy on discipline. She will be required to attend parenting classes twice a month. HCS will check in with the family once a month for six months, and check ins will peter out after the six month mark ((All will be off screen/FTB)).