Child's name: Ashley (ashley20xx)

Background: Ashley's parents are deceased, and the girl has been living in an orphanage.

Current situation: Ashley has been in a foster home.

Potential parents' names: Vanora Blackheart

Ages: 30-ish

Background check:

Vanora Blackheart has no police record.

Ashley has no police record.

Other household members, ages, and relationships: N/A

References (at least 3):

Jane Doe

Jim Smith

Mary Johnson

Employment of parents: Hathian Police Department

Annual household salary: Sufficient

Own/rent home: Own

Fire, health, and safety inspections: Clear

CPR/First Aid Certification: Valid

TB testing for household members: Done

Home visit:

Adequate sleeping space: Ashley has her own  room.

Ashley currently attends Seaside School.

Describe your policy on discipline: Her current method of discipline is to talk about things, while providing structure and balance. Ms. Blackheart occasionally removes Ashley's privileges.

This file was sent to ((NPC) Judge Jonathan Dough, who approved the adoption of Ashley to Vanora Blackheart, as well as the change of Ashley's last name to Blackheart.

Next: Ms. Blackheart will be informed of the judges' decision and be given a booklet on HCS' policy on discipline. HCS will check in with the family once a month for six months, and check ins will peter out after the six month mark ((All will be off screen/FTB)).