Hathian Municipal Courts

Notice of Probation / Parole


Date: 07/22/2022


Defendant Name: Sam Warrhol-Kelly

SL Name: ((scratch.warrhol))




HPC-103. Assault on a Police Officer

48UPC-203. Assault with a Deadly Weapon

4,HPC-205. Gang assault


Date Probation Activated:07/23/2022

Date Probation Will End: 08/23/2022



Probation Officer Assigned: Aley Jackson

((Alexandria Case))


This notice is to hereby inform the defendant, that the City of Hathian, via the Hathian Municipal Courts finds after being taken into custody by the Hathian Police Department the defendant is now mandated the following Probationary terms pending their release. The Defendant should attempt to make all notifications in regard to their standard conditions of Probation set forth, if unable to do so any Probation Officer with the Hathian Department of Probation and Parole will be suitable. The Defendant will be found in automatic Probation violation, and will be subject to be taken into custody, by an Officer of the Hathian Police Department and probation will be revoked, if any of the standard or special conditions of probation are not adhered to. It is the responsibility of the Defendant to ensure that they provide a copy of this notification to their legal counsel, if applicable.





1.) The Defendant shall answer truthfully all inquiries by the probation officer and follow the instructions of the probation officer.


2.) The Defendant shall notify the probation officer ten days prior to any change in principal business or mailing address.


3.) The Defendant shall make prior notification to the probation officer in regard to changing their residence and inform them of the new physical location in which they will be staying.


4.) The Defendant shall permit a probation officer to visit any of their operating sites of employment.


5.) The Defendant shall make notification to the probation officer within 72 (Seventy-two) hours of any criminal prosecution, major civil litigation, administrative proceeding against the organization, arrest, or citation issuance.


6.) The Defendant shall not dissolve, change its name, or change the name under which it does business.


7.) The Defendant shall not waste, nor without out permission of the probation officer, sell, assign, or transfer its assets.


8.) The Defendant shall not partake in any criminal activity.


9.) The Defendant shall pay all fines or restitution that may become associated with Court Costs.


10.) The Defendant shall pass and openly take a drug or alcohol test at any time it is requested by the probation officer.


11.)  The Defendant shall ensure that they attend all appointments set by the probation officer and adhere to any court-ordered programs or attend scheduled court appointments.


12.) The Defendant shall not associate themselves with any known criminals.


13.) The Defendant shall not leave the state without permission of the probation officer.


14.) The Defendant shall maintain employment or active registration in school.


15.) The Defendant is prohibited from possessing, maintaining, or using firearms / weapons, and / or Illegal Drugs of any type.






This Notification has been processed through the Hathian Municipal Court System and will be kept on the Defendants record for up to 10 years, after initial arrest and charge.



OOC Note: This is completely optional roleplay, decided between you and a character associated with the Hathian Department of Civil Services. No one is mandated or forced to do this. It is up to you from here to also decide as a player, if you would like to hire a lawyer (which you can do at any time), or even carry your case all the way to trial. Just keep the players involved in your roleplay informed, so that all players can work together and create the additional fun RP that everyone strives for.