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Legal and social services in Hathian.

[Internal Email – Civil Services] to Why Verdandi

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Email to: Why Verdandi [[email protected]]
Email from: Jesica Daiton [[email protected]]
Date: [2022/02/09 12:03]

Dear Boss:

I regret informing you that we are down one computer in the office. I did try to persuade the officer from taking it, but seem to no avail and now the main tower of the front desk computer is gone. I proceed to elaborate on that and I will attach a video of the event in this email. So far I had moved one of the laptops to the main desk so we can keep performing our duties.

Around 9AM of the present day, February 2nd, a PD officer referring to himself as officer Xavier, walked in asking about an old employ of Social Services 'Mr. Theo Resthoff'. I kindly informed him that he didn't seem to work here anymore but he still seem interested on doing some kind of investigation. And even I tried to explain the dire need we have for the computer, than even old, help us do our work and he didn't seem to matter. He unplug the thing and left. Even old Becky ((NPC worker from CS)) was present. I did take a recording with my phone so I'll share that with you. And I'm taking picture of the business card he gave me. I wouldn't be surprised to find the computer at the pawn shop, I will check there later today. For now I will keep working on the pending paper work and, redoing my morning's worth of work, as most of it was gone with the computer taken.

About the missing original files about case #19LA, those were under the computer tower along with a layer of very thick dust. So I did place them on the proper cabinet already.

Jessica Daiton,
Social Worker at Hathian Civil Services.



VID_20200209_095407.mp4  ((Thumbnail of the video about the event))




February 9, 2022 at 4:26 pm
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February 10, 2022 at 1:25 am
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