I had a few ideas for some new campus jobs and roles that people can take on if they want to be involved with the CU campus and community, but don't want to fit into the traditional student/teacher roles. I know it was mentioned at one point that Nadir was looking to revamp the college, so perhaps these could be incorporated then.

Campus Security

There is a security building near the dorms, but I don't see any group inviter for a CU Security Guard group. With cameras all over the main campus building, there would be a lot of interesting stories that could be done by an "eye in the sky" and potentially blackmailing or intimidating someone based on the footage that was captured. Or someone who may have to enter various dorm rooms to inspect for contraband, etc. And someone has to keep the drugs and alcohol off campus!

I'd see these security guards being "rent a cop" types, and not having all the same powers as HPD (even though the power hungry amoung them may think they do). Perhaps even an extension of HPD or a training ground for new officers.


I don't know about you, but every school I've attended had that creepy caretaker. The caretaker who has keys to every room, and always seemed to be just out of earshot, and always blended into the background.

The caretaker role could be someone who wants to "perv" on the young students, and having keys and access to every room on campus (including dorm rooms) and everyone just kind of disregards.  While the cheerleaders are practicing in the gym, it'd be easy for the caretaker to slip in and be working, and watching them when others might not have access. Or might be able to sell drugs on campus without being as conspicuous.

There could even be some collaboration here with the Labour Union as the Caretakers might need to contract work to Handymen to fix things around campus.


If anyone else has any other roles they'd like to see (or would like to play as themselves) leave them here in a comment and hopefully