Medical Terminology 101: Learn the basics of how to correctly apply medical terminology to diagnosis.  Mondays at 3PM


Surgical Tech: Learn the basics of preparing an operating room and preparing for surgery.  Tuesdays at 12PM


Internal Medicine: Learn the basics of treating the human body inside and out! Tuesdays at 3PM


Pharmacology: Class where students learn the basics of prescribing medication; including side effects, medication combinations and dangers/risks with each type of medication.   Wednesdays at 3PM


Diagnosis 101: Learning the basics of diagnosis; including exploration of family history, alternative diagnosis and getting to the root of the problem.   Thursdays at 12PM


Nursing 101: Introduction class to nursing. For aspiring nurses. Includes Clinical 1.  Thursdays at 3PM


Nursing 200: Advanced nursing class. Includes Clinical 2.  Fridays at 3PM