Hathian’s 2022 Holiday Parade

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Fri, Dec 23 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

December 23rd from 12pm SLT to 4pm SLT, CHRISTMAS PARADE organized by the Mayor of Hathian.

Camden will IC’ly be at the end of this parade as Santa, and all participating Elves from the Secret Santa simwide event are also invited to be in the parade either on floats (if their businesses want to make a float!) or on foot as their helper holiday costumes (elves etc).

ALL businesses, whether on main sim or not, are invited to participate in this sim wide event and are encouraged to create a float (if you’re so inclined with that skillset) or just drive vehicles (with permits) or find wearables like go carts or bicycles, or just walk on foot, OR just rp having a float. The sky’s the limit (but let’s keep it low prim and low lag).

The parade IC setup will start at 12pm SLT at the corner of Hathian Highway and the Gein. The Parade will IC’ly start on its route at 1pm SLT. The Parade will IC’ly be raided by HPD somewhere either on Hathian Highway or King Street between 1pm and 4pm SLT, as it moves around on its route. Expect chaos and tons of fun!

If anyone wants to participate, contact Camden Fabers in SL (kurtissketch resident) or leave him an offline notecard with your desire to participate and what you’d like to do (float wise or walking or on stilts or in a car or on a scooter etc etc. ASAP so plans can be made)

Try to attend if you can. There’s chaos to be had, and a special surprise ending. Be there or be square :3

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