Medical Admission Procedures & Patient Charts

Hathian General Hospital’s Docs Medical Admission Procedures & Patient Charts

Medical Records are very important in Hospital Roleplay. Not only does it provide patients with CD ‘Street Cred’ and a character’s medical history, but also allows your performance to be monitored for promotions. The records are easy to locate and use (you have to be on roster to access them).

The “Records library” where all existing records are stored is located on the ground floor in the Storage Room next to the reception desk. Note: if you are having trouble please try a Firefox or Google based web browser as the program doesn’t always like Internet Explorer.

To look for an existing chart:
1. Click on the Chart Shelf and a menu pop up. “HGH Records: Type patient name on channel 20.” MUST BE AV NAME not the display or character name. This gives you 10 seconds to fill out the name.
Example: /20 Nadir Taov
2. Once filled out, a new menu takes you to the webpage where the patient chart opens for you and lets you peruse all through the records. At this point, you cannot edit any of the information you are reading. But you can scroll through the entire record, page after page.

For every visit to the hospital, a patient will have a new chart written up for the reasons that brought them in. Please be thorough; sometimes patients can be very particular about what they want included in their chart. Also, always remember that the next Doctor or Nurse should be able to pull a patients chart and know almost exactly what has taken place.

To create a new chart:
1. Find the object that represents a stack of charts located in various rooms and desks. Click on the stack & a menu will pop up: “HGH Blank Chart: Type patient name on channel 15.” MUST BE AV NAME, not the display or character name.
Example: /15 Nadir Taov (note this is a different channel than Patient History)
2. Once entered, you will be taken to a webpage where you can enter information you need to create a chart to add to a patient’s file.
3. There is also an area where the name should be changed to the display or character name.
Example: the AV name may be Bluebell Noel, but the Character name is Blue Handrick-Noel. Change the name in the chart to Blue Handrick-Noel.
Note this may be different than the display name; ask the player to be sure. Some also change characters or use multiple characters on one SL account. Be sure the name here reflects the character being treated at the time!
4. Enter the age (include Date of Birth later), gender, and blood type of the patient.
5. Select an attending staff name or use your own on the colored drop-down menu below. Be sure you include ALL staff members who assisted in some way or another at the scene (this is important for sake of credit and future features).
6. The next drop-down menu gives you a choice of Diagnosis associated with the presenting problem. That list will keep on expanding, but if the one you are treating is not there, you can use the last line on the menu: “Others”.
7. Enter a short narrative of what you see right in front of you & the stated patient condition upon arrival.
8. Enter your treatment and Medications/RX that you recommend for this patient.
9. Include the time you expect it will take to treat the symptoms in RP hours. No more than 72 hours unless requested by the patient.

Once a patient is admitted and their chart has been entered into the system, that’s it for their visit. The rest is roleplay. Charts are connected to cred and promotion, and entering in a new chart for “updates” actually messes with their cred, and cheats the system. Please don’t do this! If important information is required, tell the patient OOC to relay this information, and if desired, post on the HGH section of the forums.

The purpose of roleplay is to roleplay with others, and charts should be from roleplay only. No staff are allowed to write or submit charts on behalf of their own alts or NPCs. Those found to be charting their own alts or NPCs risk losing rank and/or removal from HGH. (This is not a new nor hidden rule, it has been added here for wider knowledge.)

If you get into a snag, contact one of the Leads (available via the Roster/Terminal) or another Senior Physician. They shall be happy to help you.

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