HPD Dispatcher Guide

Hathian Police Department’s Docs HPD Dispatcher Guide


Role: To help facilitate communication between the Public and Hathian Police Department


•Answer all incoming 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls that come in to the department (via CD Roleplay or CD Municipal Group)

•Make contact with the public at the front desk and help direct them as needed.

•Process Citation payments.

•Process Bail payments for Subjects in Custody.

•Dispatchers are NOT permitted to perform any police duties (reports, arrests, patrols, issue citations, etc)

•Dispatchers are NOT permitted to possess and use a firearm while working.

•Dispatchers are NOT permitted to go into any unauthorized areas such as the armory and jail cells.

•Dispatchers are NOT to interact with any prisoners.

•Follow all other Rules and Regulations set forth from the Hathian Police Department Guide.

**Answering 9-1-1 Calls:

When a 9-1-1 Call is received ((Via the CD Roleplay group)) you are to promptly answer it. After the call is initially answered and you have an available location and description of what the emergency is, dispatch available units. At all times Dispatcher’s are required to get the following information:


•What is the Emergency?

•Weapons involved?

•Suspect Description?

•If it is a Medical Call: the nature of the medical emergency?

•Suspect Still on Scene? (Required for ALL Medical Calls for FDH Personnel’s Safety)

•Direction of Travel?

Example: >Call Is Received via RP Group<

Dispatcher: “Hathian 9-1-1 what is the location and nature of your emergency?”

**Answering Non-Emergency Calls:

Many times calls are received on the non-emergency line from Hathian General Hospital or other Social Services requesting police services. After the call is received, and the information is gathered about the nature of the call, where and what officer’s are responding to, dispatch available units.

Example: >Call is Received via CD Municpal Group from HGH<

Dispatcher: Hathian Police Department, this is Susie. How may I help you?

**Dispatching Calls:

Dispatcher’s at all times are to monitor radio traffic. They are to dispatch all call’s when necessary as well as maintaining a professional demeanor on the radio.  ((After radio transmissions are made, for all PD radio traffic it should be copy and pasted into the Police Department Group. For FD traffic it should be copy and pasted into the Municipal Group.))

((Channels for PD /91, Channels for FD /93))

First Example – Dispatching a 9-1-1 Call requiring Police and Medical Services

/91 “>Dispatch< Need any available units to respond to a stabbing just occurred at Lou’s Bar. Suspect is still on scene.”

/93 “>Dispatch< Need available medics to respond to a stabbing just occurred at Lou’s Bar. Suspect is still on scene.”

Ocean 99999 will be responding and enroute

/91”>Dispatch< Ocean 99999 received responding and enroute to Lou’s Bar. Be advised Suspect is a White Male, wearing a Blue Shirt and Jeans armed with a Knife.”

A1 will be enroute and standing by till PD can advise scene is under control.

/93 “>Dispatch< A1 received, will advise when PD has scene under control.”

/91 “>Dispatch< to Ocean 99999, advise FD is standing by until scene is under control”

Ocean 99999 is On Scene, suspect left out the back door towards the Alley. Send FD in.

/91 “>Dispatch< 10-4 Ocean 99999 will advise FDH.

/93 “>Dispatch< to A1 you can respond to the scene per Ocean 99999

Second Example:

Joe comes into the HPD lobby to report that his wallet was stolen.

/91 “>Dispatch” Need an available unit to report to the station to take a delayed theft call.

**Monitoring Radio Traffic:

Dispatcher’s will be responsible for monitoring daily radio traffic and completing Status Checks for Officer’s that are currently out on calls.


Ocean 99999 show me out on an investigation at the Grind, possible intoxicated subject.

/91 “>Dispatch< 10-4 Ocean 99999

15-20 minutes pass.

/91 “>Dispatch<” to Ocean 99999 checking your status?

Ocean 99999, go ahead and start another unit, subject is resisting.

/91 “>Dispatch<” 10-4. Any Available units to respond to back Ocean 9999 at the Grind?

**Jail Visits and Bail Payments for Prisoners:

For visitations:

You will check the visitor’s ID and compare it to the active APB and Warrant List.  If the subject does not show to have any active warrants or APB’s then you will contact an available Officer or Jailer (NPC) to pat down the visitor and escort them to the jail. All Visitations are monitored on Camera’s and by Jailers. In the event assistance is needed, call for an Officer.

For Bail Payments:

You will check the ID of the person making payment and compare it to the active APB and Warrant List. If the subject does not show to have any active warrants or APB’s then you accept payment.  We DO NOT take personal checks, credit or debit cards. Payment must be made in Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order.  If you are unsure of the amount of bail based on the charges and suggested amounts contact an available Officer to come assist.

**Citation Payments:

To process citations you will check the ID of the subject making payment. In similar fashion make sure they do not have any active APB’s or Warrants.  If the subject is clear, you will utilize the cash register to make payment. ((Click on it and then enter the avatar’s name)).  The payment amount should be listed. After payment is received by Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order, mark the citation as paid.

If the citation has already gone to warrant and was not paid in time. Contact an available Officer and advise them of the situation and let them handle it.

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