Social Work Case: (As of 5/10/21)
Social Worker: Ryley Wallis
Hathian Civil Services
# 556-7745 ext 283
Case: Eric Elliot Robert Hadley
Summary: Eric came into the hospital with a stab wound from someone by the name of Trevor that was supposed to be watching over him and Sean Diaz. Boys reported kidnapping and stabbing. Looked up Eric’s file and turns out Eric is a runaway and not currently under guardianship. I put a flag on his file and put him into custody with Seaside. He has since disappeared from places he should be, investigations ongoing.

•Full Name:
Eric Elliot Robert Hadley

•Other name(s):
Tiger (by Mariah)
Fighter (by Sean)
Reb (by self)
Punk (by Sean/everyone)
Killer (by friend)
Sport (by Trevor)
Little Soldier (by Stefan)

•Age: 17 |Sep 10th, 2003
•Born in: Wichita, KS

Mom: Real Estate Agent
(Mariah Gallagher)(Deceased)
(Death thought to be murder (Ivan))

Dad: Police Officer
(Ivan Hadley)(Deceased)
(Death thought to be suicide)

(Eric found his mom and dad dead upstairs at a house party; a friend tried to say it was Eric’s fault)
(Was put into CPS at 14-15 years old on his birthday)

Brother-older-: soldier
(Stefan Hadley) (Deceased)
(Eric accidentally shoots and kills Stefan during a hunting trip over a fight with a revolver, no trace to Eric)(Body was left in a forest outside Hathian)

•How many foster homes Eric Hadley has been in:
4 in 3 years.
(he ran away from the last one and has been switched over to the next one 3 other times due to his behavior)

•Behavior issues:
Manic Depression
Dissociative disorder
(for instance mixing gaming with reality and recreating certain scenes as someone else)
Intermittent explosive disorder

•Physical Defect:
Pigeon chested (outward)

•Medication he was on:
(it effected his eating habits, was removed)
(removed himself from all of these except Metformin)

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