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Camden Fabers would go about putting on an outfit made mostly of black leather, including gloves, long sleeves, apron and pants and heeled boots. He'd then put on a full black hood that had a skull mask with a crown. Only once he was fully disguised, would he switch the camera's live twitch stream on. It was back-routed, and wouldn't stay up long, but he didn't need long. He just needed it to appear at the 'top search' for long enough to draw attention. On the thumbnail, a white skull wearing a golden crown spun and the title of the stream read 'Karen's last Report for the Observer.'

The golden skull's face on his mask grinned perpetually at the camera as the lighting was adjusted and bloomed before it focused and settled in at a comfortably dim resonance. He would wriggle his black gloved fingers at the stream's camera, before bowing and then turning to reveal a dimly lit cell in what appeared to be a large cellar. The walls spray-painted with golds and yellow graffiti. In the cell, a white woman, blond, long hair, wearing nothing but a white fur coat, groaned on the floor. It would be clear some sort of head injury had occurred, as her hair was stained in dark, dry blood.

A sharp whistle from the masked person got her attention, and the woman would lift her head to look in the direction of the camera. It would take a moment before the camera focused on the face, and finally revealed the woman in the fur to be the Observer's Joanne Steel. An almost sing-songy male's voice chirped from behind the camera "Hey darlings! Looky what we caught. A nosy little looky loo. Do you know what happens when folks wander King Street alone? Follow the stream, and you might just find out." At this point, the masked person would approach the woman in the cell on camera, and would tilt his head slowly, before drawing a gold-finished Glock from his waist band, and pointing it toward the woman's left forearm. The echoing sound of the round popping off and flying through the woman's forearm would almost peak the volume to a cracking for a moment. The woman screamed as blood spurted and the video cut out to static.

All that remained on the twitch stream was a tinyurl link that just had a smiling skull wearing a crown image, spinning perpetually around, which read 'Soon' below it, with a simple timer ticking away to that Friday 4pm (SLT). The link would return a 404 Not Found error, currently, if clicked.

September 8, 2020 at 10:09 pm
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September 9, 2020 at 12:13 am
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