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(We have started doing the dark web scenes.  We will put them on the forum for people to read OOCLY. The ones that know about it ICLY are members of our dark web group inworld. We have chosen to do it this way so the rest of the community can see what we are doing. If any of you are interested in being a paying client inworld then send an IM to AsmusZero Resident or ZekePorter Resident.)


The recording starts with a female in the picture hanging on a pole, the camera makes sure her body is fully scanned, near naked, with the exception of her black underwear, blonde, skinny, skull bull tattoo on her chest. If any one is watching, they might recognize the female as Skye Fayé (Jodiee123 Resident).  She looks a little nervous.
Next a male figure comes in view, wearing a hoodie, black clothed, the camera zooms out a little to gain both their bodies on a clear view. There is also a recording of voices, the first words to be heard is the male speak " So Skye,  you have a famous right hook....but now i'll make you famous all together" To which she replies "Oh I'm so grateful, thank you." Obviously, this is sarcasm.
A chuckle follows from the male " This one right here have humor...Lets see how long that will last" The male is looking at her, he speaks again " karl and the rest of you, happy to see you are with us today. I'm on voice as you can tell so feel free to talk"  To which the female widens her eyes and snaps "You have been watching? You jackass, what's wrong with you?" She shivers, maybe from cold, maybe from fear. The male is moving and grabbing what appears to be barbwire, which he proceeds with to wrap around her throat, then around her torso as the male replies to her " I told you that you would end up famous didnt i?" And she mutters back at him, whilst twitching against the wire, as if she maybe enjoys it?  "So I'm going to be famous for what, an hour? And then die? Boy am I lucky. You really are spoiling me."  Her eyes are blinking as she scans around the room, focusing her gaze on the camera.
Humorlessly, but dark and dry the male jokes " I'm a good guy like that" He moves out of view, then comes back a moment later, the sound of running water will be heard. He grabs for the camera and turns it toward the bathtub thats filling up. Thats where the camera stays and a voice can be heard from the female "Looking at your handy work? Well let me help you out, I'm wrapped up tight. No way I'm getting out of this. Well done you." And then she speaks again "And you called me the sheep." Some laughter follows, but then a "Goddamnit" From her as she comes into view again and gets tossed into the tub, dragged by her hair, the male speaks " In a few minutes you are going to wish you had the knife so you could just kill yourself" The reason the female cusses is pure because the toss caused her ankle to be nicked, that obviously has hurt her. She replies as she is submerged into the water "I don't think so." A shrug and then "I've been dead inside for a long time. Do your worst." The male pulls on the wire around her neck, it obviously tightens around her skin, pricking the barbs into her flesh blossoming up specks of blood.
The male crouches down, speaking some to the headset and all of the sudden, the female gets dunked head down into the water, where she had been bleeding, the water poofed up the red, turning it pink, there wasn't much of a struggle, their eyes seem to be glued to one another. The moment seems to be intense for a few good seconds, the tension is rising, you can nearly feel it spat from the screen. The female starts to shake, the water calmed down moments before now starts to ripple. A bubble of air left her nostril popping at the surface.
The male pulls the wire a little harder around her throat, more strings of blood float into the water, obvious the female isn't responding any more, with her eyes open, she remains lifeless in the water, held down by the hooded male.
He moves, standing up and wraps his arms around the lifeless body of the female, getting cut by the barbwire himself and one would see blood specks upon his arms as he hoists the female out of the water and lay her down on the floor inelegantly. He proceeds to take the wire cutter from his pocket and cuts the wire from her body, tossing it aside. Out of view he goes and the camera zooms in on the dead look, staring at the ceiling female until the male returns with what looks like a transportable CPR. He puts the pads on the females body, still wet and dripping and.. zaps the electricity through her body. It makes her jolt up, then she coughs, some water and blood spews from her lips, her first words are "Screw you" The male answers with punching her into the face with the words " Shut up" She barely seems to react to it, still recovering from the trauma. He grabs her hair, pulls her out of sight, but a moment later, the camera fixes back upon the scenery now more in the middle of the room. The female snapped "What are you, bipolar?" Which resulted in the male kicking her in the ribs but looks toward the camera as he speaks " That was all for today folks, I hope you enjoyed the show and remember, if any of you have something specific in mind you want to see happen in a session like this then let me know" He moves to shut down the camera and that means the end of the scene.


(I would like to thank Skye for reaching out wanting this scene. It was a awesome scene, and the story we have now is still moving forwards and very interesting. I can't wait to see where it goes lol)

May 19, 2020 at 12:23 am
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