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Nadir Taov


Get Ready for the Next Chapter of Role-Play in Second Life

I’m excited to announce the launch of our all-new Story HUD and the Narrator AI, designed to take story immersion in the metaverse and your interaction with other players to a whole new level.

Heat, Thrill, and Spirit Boosts

In an effort to better serve Crack Den, Backwaters, and the Columtreal Campus backdrops, each with their unique community attributes, we’re introducing new boosts focused on measuring player-to-player activities specialized for each.

  • Spirit Boost: On campus, this will account for role-play and activities like attending or teaching classes.
  • Thrill Boost: In Backwaters, it will reward dangerous character scenes.
  • Heat Boost: In Hathian, this will cover criminal and medical activity in addition to general role-play.

Depending on the region you're in, your Story HUD will switch themes and boosts according to the community. These boosts ultimately impact your ability to earn chapters and unlock new features, including a new hierarchy of special group roles to be announced soon.

Live Character Cards

The next evolution of the Character Card is just as dynamic as the stories being told. By clicking the space above an avatar’s head, the latest card features mood and notable moments from recent role-play done on the main RP parcels, including basic character stats. This live snippet is refreshed daily.


This is our first take on player-to-player matching and quests.

Be sure to keep your new profile via the Character Card up to date, and depending on your proximity to other players, you may be matched for a Dark or New Player Encounter. Dark Encounters requires activating your Scene Finder via the Character Card and is a feature available in Backwaters.
Encounters are designed to connect players who otherwise wouldn’t likely find each other. It will recommend a scenario to get your creative juices flowing on how to engage the assigned player. Upon actually role-playing with the assigned player, you will earn a special boost.
You can also dislike an Encounter (click the sparkles animating outside of the circle boost) to ignore that player for several weeks from being assigned again.
More Encounters will be released in the coming weeks (think police intuition, gang deals, etc.).

Answers by Narrator

The size of our community and decades of stories and policy making can be overwhelming to players, especially new ones. Each button on the Story HUD now features an AI function to get answers to you by simply asking questions. The knowledgebase powered by our Narrator AI will be refined over time and will be exploring ingesting even more interesting information like articles from our Newspaper and more.


Our NPCs will be getting more realistic and smarter over time. The role-play you have with them will now count towards earning boosts! Look out for more details soon.

Getting Started

Grab the latest HUD from the notice announcement or from the welcome lobby.

  1. Update your Character Card profile
  2. Turn on Scene Finder and set your preferences if you’d like to try features like Dark Encounters
  3. Try every button!

There are many features I have not mentioned – I’ll leave those for you to explore. Got a question? Look for the sparkle icon and ask the Narrator first! Feel free to drop me direct feedback.

Happy writing!

July 6, 2024 at 8:37 pm
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Nadir Taov


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July 7, 2024 at 7:10 am
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Syreni Barony


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July 9, 2024 at 4:33 am
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