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I've been around before but this is a new character. Feel free to IM me if you have any RP idea's, I'm open to pretty much anything. See you on the streets!


The Story So Far

From a young age Shae had been a curious child, always asking questions. Her days would be spent with her grandmother, a lovely and kind lady who encouraged Shae's sense of curiosity and adventure. Who would tell her the tales of the Highlands, the folk stories and superstitions and Shae would hang onto every word with wide-eyed excitment. 

In 2010 she graduates with a degree in Criminology, easily finding a job as a probation officer. The work is tough but rewarding. With her career settled, it was time she focused on her home life. Through her work she meets Caelan. They hit it off and become one of those idelic couples to those around them, before long they're engaged and soon after married. 

It's never that simple though. During a night out with friends, one of Caelan's colleagues confides in Shae that they think he is cheating on her. At first she doesn't believe it but soon things don't add up. He'd be home late most nights, he started hiding his phone and showing her little to no affection. 

It all comes to a head though during a hiking trip with friends. Shae watched as her husband and his partner hiked together, holding each other for support and laughing as the climbed while Shae was left forgotten at the back of the group. Deciding she's had enough she approaches them, the other women slinking off to walk with the others, leaving the couple alone. Words were exchanged, slowing them down as things grew more heated until he said the very words she never hoped to hear. 

"Ah dinnae love ye Shae, ah havnae fur a long time. A'm leavin' ye"

Shae could never tell you how it happened but one moment Caelan is besides her and the next hes tumbling down the side of the mountain. When rescuer's arrived he was already gone, a broken neck they told her.  

After the grieving is passed, his affairs all settled, Shae decides to take some time for herself and books a flight to New Orleans. The city had always interested her. It's history, both occult and normal, held her curiosity over the years. 

However she arrived as the pandemic hit, leaving her stranded. Almost two years later and she realises she has no desire to return home to her family or her job. Instead she wants to visit a nearby city that the locals have mentioned ot her. It's like a living horror story they tell her. So with her bags packed and a bus ticket in hand she makes her way to Hathian. 

August 16, 2022 at 4:33 pm
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