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Hello all!

While my character is new to Hathian, the player behind him is not. I once years ago played a psychiatrist at HGH.  Nonetheless I come to you to receive your feedback and ask players whether or not they might be interested in a rather dark and mature storyline.

I have created my character "Cal Louis Benton" and groomed him to ultimately end his arc as a serial killer. I posted a brief background on his character on the introductions thread if you're interested in reading how he has developed through childhood and adolescence.

What I need from you, the player, is to gauge just how many (if any) would be interested in becoming a victim of what will hopefully become the most prominent serial murderer in Hathian's history. Here is what I have:

Cal in terms of an MO is modeled from the real-life Golden State Killer, and BTK. Cal will prowl homes, and stalk, and ultimately murder (mainly women). As a rather inconspicuous person to the public, Cal will revel in attention from police and the media. Should this story move forward Cal will be in regular communication with the police and media regarding the crimes he has committed. Ultimately after several victims, Cal will be apprehended - and that is how I see this story arc concluding and Cal would face any ICC as a result of the crimes.

Of course, I am sure you have questions. So to perhaps answer one or two of these initially: I would like to work on this story-arc in conjunction with the sim administration to ensure everything will be appropriate OOCly. In addition, if you are a player interested in this story but don't want to kill your character off - I would suggest to those individuals that we use "alt" characters, otherwise - characters who are NPCs. A player would not use their main character as a victim unless they wanted to. This would likely require approval from sim administration but I do not have reason to believe it would be difficult to do.

This is only really a first stage in the idea, as I am simply trying to garner interest in such an arc. Any scenes would be extremely dark and graphic, so any player who is uncomfortable with role-playing death might reconsider volunteering. I believe this could provide players with the opportunity to truly engage in beyond adult and deeply emotional creative writing.

Should you reading this be interesting in participating in such a story, please reply to this threat or feel free to reach out to me in-world at: highcaliberson Resident

Thank you for reading, and I hope to role-play with many of you soon!

July 21, 2020 at 8:01 pm
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July 29, 2020 at 5:13 pm
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