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ruewyn resident


He didn't really plan to go to Hathian, he just sort of wound up there. One bus ride led to another, he only had so much money, eventually he had to stop and get a job, and his last stop just happened to be in Hathian.

He had grown up in a small town up north, the kind of town where if you left in any direction you'd find yourself passing miles of cornfields. The people of that town all went to church, they were all in each others business. He never felt like he belonged there, he wasn't like the rest of them.

He was an only child, and despite his parents christian values, his mother had the reputation of being a whore, and his father a drunk. His father often abused him, physically and verbally. He liked to tell him how he never wanted him, how he probably wasn't even his son because his mother was a whore. There was a town rumor of her sleeping with another married man, but no one knew for sure if it was true.

The way he was treated by his father, and the way he saw his mother treated as well, he didn't have a very pleasant up bringing. He didn't feel like he had any worth as a person, he didn't feel like he was wanted, and he felt awful that he couldn't bring himself to help his own mother when his father had decided to target her instead of him.

He wound up harming himself, and his mother found him passed out on the bathroom floor, his wrists cut open and bleeding, she was a nurse so she so stitched him up and put him to bed. She never talked to him about it and she never told his father either. He didn't know how he wound up in his bed, but laying there thinking about what he'd tried to do to himself, he knew he had to leave.

He got a whatever jobs he could get around town, and he saved up his money, and by the time he was nineteen, a few months since he had started, he felt liked he'd saved up enough and he left home. He didn't even say goodbye, he just packed up and left in the night, hitched a ride out of town, got on a bus, then another and another, and Hathian is where his saved up funds ran out.

Name: Ruben Andrew Tyler

D.O.B: December 25th 1999

Height & Weight: 6'1" 180lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Skin: Fair

Beauty Marks: Two above his mouth to the right and one beneath his left eye.

Tattoos: A design of roses, spider webs, and other details on his chest, back, shoulders and upper arms, also going down his side and left leg.

Scars: Numerous cuts on both wrists.


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