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Name: Rhiannon Gray

Nicknames: Rhia, Rhi, Ann

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Nationality: White

Backstory: Rhiannon's problems began when she ran away as a teenager; she was cared for by a distant relative ever since she was a toddler. Her parents didn't die, they just were ill-fit to care for a child. She was booksmart, and did well in school, but never street smart, and naïve. Typical sucky home life - She left when she was 14 and had been homeless ever since, surviving by taking loans that she couldn't repay, relying on abusive boyfriends - which made her constantly on the run. She would put up with the abuse from anyone that would give her food and a place to stay. Now 22, she has grown to be an overly paranoid individual. She regularly consumes drugs and alcohol which attributes to her commonly being in a dazed state. She came to Hathian recently in hopes that she won't be found by the latest person she had stolen a lot of money from. Ideally, she'll try to buy a small home or something of the sort here and stay for as long as she can. However, with how filthy and unwelcoming it seems, she is very fearful of being around, or communicating with others.

Personality: Kind of pathetic, weak and shy. Generous and naive, and will literally give another person her last dollar - even if it means she won't be eating that night. She tries not to beg, and has only ever stolen from "bad" people in the past and is not a violent or aggressive person. Rhiannon will most likely take up odd jobs and generally be at the mercy of others, even if it means she could be treated less than human. Her biggest dream to keep her going is to have a child, and give them a better life than she's had. Very paranoid and fearful, passive, non-confrontational.


  • she tries her best to stay sober and clean, she will have months of not touching a single drug but the moment it's offered to her, she will likely cave in.
  • had abuse at the hands of men and women, she is not easy to get close with others but is easily tricked if someone pretends to be desperately in need of help or injured, etc.
  • she does not have many clothes; I apologize if my avatar seems poorly-made because of this, but she can't exactly carry around a whole closet ; _ ;
  • she may be weak, but one thing she will always stick up for, more than herself, are children, and animals.


((OOC: Hi everyone! Thanks for allowing me to be here ^^ Rhiannon is actually inspires by a Sim I have from Sims 4 - got all those er... "game enhancing mods" like basemental to explain the drugs - as she was the only character I could think of to fit for this theme. I'm just curious to see what her story is in SL.

I don't mind her being a punching bag! If you're not sure, feel free to ask me before seriously harming her, but I will be okay with her generally being bullied. My only limits SO FAR are, no death, and no long-term or persistent damage (losing limbs, gauging an eye out) if something like that comes up in the story, I'd just like to talk about it first. Also, have interactive clickies that can be used.

A few hopes for me with this character: 1, I just want to see where the story takes her. I don't know if she'll have a good or bad ending, but the fun is finding out! However, sometime down the line I would hope she is able to get some sort of pet (either player or animesh? Not sure if that's allowed) and, EVENTUALLY, be able to adopt a child or have a sibling-type bond with someone. She just wants to find family.

If you are interested in forming some kind of specific story together I'd love to hear it ^^

Also as I wrote in my bio, I typically mimic the style of the person I'm RPing with. I prefer in between para and quick (my average is 4 sentences?) but if you write longer I will too ♥))

November 24, 2021 at 1:17 pm
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November 27, 2021 at 11:11 am
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December 31, 2021 at 10:28 pm
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