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Let's hope this time works out properly. Hoi a second time tho :3

Name: Roo (she/her/they/them)

Pansexual,Demisexual, Gender-fluid


Status: Single


-Scar over her left eye due to an incident between them and one of her father's many enemies

On their person:

-Wallet with between $25-65

-Small, green pocket knife



Roo has been through the wringer a time or two. They have a lot of trauma that they try their best to hide, some PTSD, and heavy social anxiety. They smoke weed quite a bit to help their problems. They present themselves with a masc. type energy when first being approached, more so from having a wall up to newcomers. If you step towards them wrong their fight or flight will take over and from there either they run or they stab. They are much more laid back around a female's presence and femme-type men but can handle a dominating presence if they feel safe. Roo is pansexual and gender-fluid also. They prefer "she/her" while in a male's company and "they/them" in a female's company.



Roo was mostly brought up by her father, spending her nights as a child eating happy meals and whatever other fast food he could manage to get them. There was no such thing as a dirty plate. He did what he could with what he was given. He worked nights while Roo slept, locking her in the single bedroom apartment while he made what little money he was able to. He tried his best to work honestly, but if the opportunity stuck for him to make more cash for a quick job, he'd take it.

Her mother had passed away while she was still in diapers. Postpartum psychosis pushed her into unhealthy habits that ultimately led her to take her own life. Roo's father spoke nothing but fondness of the woman who had lost her ways. He taught Roo over the years how to value her life and how to be a good person. Acceptance and understanding in everything she did while teaching her lessons for life along the way. He continued to shield her the best he could from any of his own wrongdoings.

She made her way through her childhood and teen years with relative ease. She started working at the age of 16, pulling in her own money, and stuffing it into savings as her father continued to work and pull in a steady income with his odd jobs. She spent her nights studying, trying her best to make decent grades. She struggled in parts, but still managed to graduate High School with a 3.8 GPA.

A couple of years pass and her father was still doing the same thing. He was endlessly stuck in a cycle of getting pulled into dangerous situations and was making a list of enemies along the way. The older Roo got the harder it became to shield her from his secrets.  Roo steadily began to see clues of what was happening, leading her to confront him. He handed her a journal, containing things that had happened through the years. He warned her of some of the contents within, hoping it didn't change her opinions of the man.

That evening after their lengthy talk Roo had gone out, spending her evening at a local bar, grabbing what drinks she could from lonely men. Hours had passed before she made her way back home, stumbling through the streets before she made it to their stoop. She stood there a moment before looking up. She remembers it all clearly, the door was cracked and nothing but silence filled the small apartment. Every ounce of her drunkenness had vanished, nothing but fear rushing through her. Every negative thought filled her head.

She hesitantly made her way up to the door, slowly opening it and being greeted by.... nothing. The TV was off, the room was still tidy. Her father was nowhere to be seen. She searched the apartment, there was no trace of him. No clothes, none of his belongings. Everything was gone.

She tried to calm herself, texting him and waiting for a reply, but nothing. Days passed as Roo continued to wait for her father. Ultimately caving and calling the police, who did nothing but take the report, calling it a day. Years passed, still hearing no word from him as she continued to search. Over time, her love of work diminished and her focus stayed on finding her father or finding some answer as to what happened to him. She was fired from her job, causing her to sink deeper into depression and a fear of the future. Marijuana was quickly introduced into her daily diet to help with any sadness that lingered.

As she searched for her father and answers, it only led her into dangerous situations. She came face to face with some of his enemies, which led to nothing but pain on her end. A scar along her left eye was one souvenir she managed to pick up from one of her many visits to some of these "friendly" faces. Some situations led more towards emotional traumas, but she managed. Still pushing through, learning how to properly defend herself and fight as she went.

Through everything, she gained no answers. Just scars. She steadily pulled away from her search and moved away from their small apartment and into another small apartment some ways away in Hathian.

She currently works at Comiquities, bringing in chump change as she tries to get herself back onto her feet. She still holds hope that she will receive answers about her father and his whereabouts.

December 21, 2021 at 10:07 am
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