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I have been meaning to write something in forum for long, but today I got this muse to write a blurb of the story, with whatever I have written with my Character - 'Jean Gardner' here in CD.

Thanks everyone who was part of his story, I dont want to mention any to miss any, so here goes the shout out to the whole community and admins, to inspire me for writing such a story.

Even everyone has been part of his story in some way,  so keep going, in this community, one's story would definitely overlap over other's at some point, forming a layer over layer of thick plots which could never be plotted in any Novel you have read or any movie you have seen. GREAT WRITING Y'ALL! So here i go!


Rags to Riches

- An usually unusual tale of a Hobo

Not so long ago but in distant past, the new year eve of 2021, as the whole Hathian parish was enjoying and partying their night, welcoming the new beginning of further more wickedness and dark clouds damning the whole storm struck butt end of the Louisiana state.  But never they did know, a scruffy and shabby looking vagrant welcomed himself on the the streets and curbs of this hellbound corner of South coast.

With no where to go, and nothing to lose anymore and with lots of lost stories from his past, that brown skinned haggard with some serious jones to booze, greeneries and psychedelics, stepped his foot down and stopped once and for all at here in Hathian, hoping to find his new beginning or continual suffering.

Started with touting and beseeching for money with his insolent signboards, at anywhere and everywhere he sees human but with his extra leery eyes of 'a lecher' at damsels, he soon learnt and got to know the ways around this town. As the adage goes - 'Knowing is half the battle' for the first time, that man named Jean, felt that battle within himself wasn't the worst. And for the that very first time in his half a decade of vagrancy, Jean saw himself in some better moral high ground than some around his town. Which once was a pitch dark tunnel, with a echoes of his past haunting and overwhelming himself in his somberness, broke open a crack with a light at the end of it, with subtle touch of an angelic Asian woman. Gleaming in her light, but with her empathy confusing him, Jean unprecedently started walking towards that the exit of that tunnel.

That path towards the enlightenment was indeed not easy, tramping through his poverty and wading through the muck of insecurities and burgeoning feelings, the days rolled with every corners & nooks of that parish changing him and with every kid, every turtledove, every ruffian and every cop around, pushing him to transcend through the life of his vagrancy.

That carnival in the month of love - February, bloomed and ignited that once quenched covet for love. And that cruel storm in the month of March, deepened the bond and worsened his state. But there was that spark from the ignited blaze of unrequited love, wafted through the storm wind and happened to have him chance meet the love of his eternity, but never did he knew, and never did anyone knew.

Through several breakdowns at dusk and several rejuvenating changes at dawn, a lot changed, his hair clipped off, his bread cleaned up, his eyes got lucid with less reddening, but one thing that never did change was his covet to improve and his growing attitude to 'live the moment' and vibe the present forgoing his past. But without some catalyst, such organic change would never happen. In Jean's life, it was MUSIC, introduced to it by his eternal crush, he rediscovered himself. Detoxing musically, he grew out his ragged fad and entered the modern world with lot of ignorance and innocence.

Ignorance always comes out as impertinence, so was his life too. But he never knew such impertinence of a blared smut accident, would end up in the serendipity of love through an epiphany of purple kindness. It was the episode of life, where he never planned to land on, but stumbled on to it. It was the life which he coveted once but let go of it unwanted after some subtle wisdom of his Britain confidante. But anyhow there he was, loving the one which everyone hated and loved by the one which hated everyone but him.

Even such enamorment was tested, with darkening clouds of revenge seeking horde, incepting from the bidding human for the love and charity event. As said earlier with some cowering absconds and needing returns, Jean is back again in the town, with heart cemented than before, ready to see people reap what was sowed, even at the cost of losing his life. With increased attitude and growing confidence, he is set on yet another new path now. With no fear, with less anxiousness, welcoming each day with no worry in saying "Yes Today" to the gods of death, just only for his 'loved one'.


1. Ragged Inception

Reeked; Broken; Singularity; Disheveled; Shipwrecked;

Reeked; Broken; Singularity; Disheveled; Shipwrecked; 1. Ragged Inception

2. Coming of age

Sorted; Solitary; Solemn; Serendipity; Treasure; Love; Bloom of modernity

3. Soul in singularity

Unrequited Love; Broken Again; Soul Search; Detoxed Musically; Shit Poster; Rage; Epiphany;

4. Full of love and love only!

Spirited; Lavender Empathy; Hit by a train; Burgeoning feelings; Fuckening dark clouds; Runaway; Changed Perspective;

August 10, 2021 at 12:21 pm
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