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Important scene for many of you guys to be informed about! This was an impulsive scene, that was mainly a follow up from the The Dark Web ( Los Oscuros gang) post.

This little event was inspired after Skye Faye's (Jodiee123 resident) kidnapping and Bub’s (bublegum34 resident) previous experience’s with some of the Zero family. The scene also involves Rowan Faye (Molliee123 resident) and Indi (as a bystander.)

What better way to get revenge than 3 girls, pissing about in their family business? This was good fun and looking forward to seeing where it goes. Had to cut alooooot of it, but its still pretty long. So grab a cup of tea and enjoy! Shout out to the family for the spontaneity of the RP 😉

Bubs followed behind the two, walking a bit wonky in her heels, maybe she should have worn trainers or something but it was too late to worry about it now. Watching as Rowan started to shake the spray cans, she would do the same, rolling her shoulders to get herself more comfortable, a quick glance around and a nod at the two, she had her sights set on inside, ''Throw the brick at the door Skye, get us in there'' she'd call out as she lowered her head a little bit, keeping out the way off the camera's if there were any.
Skye had her mask on, which would only cover some of her face, her build and hair would be on show. As they approached the store, Skye pulled the brick out of the inside of her pocket. "You guys kick, I'll throw." She said, before she leaned backwards and threw the brick at the door with as much force as she could muster. Rowan would respond to the order turning her back to the door, placing two hands either side, and with that she would send her foot flying backwards, it didn’t budge much, but the hindges of the door were beginning to frail. She would step back, turning to the bystanders (Indi), and felt the safety of her mask take effect. She would grip the can in her hand and spray in big, dripping, red liquid. 'C.' and begin to spell out her favourite word of all time. Bubs had now gathered some speed as she charged for the door, lifting her leg up towards the handle she gives it a hard kick, watching it sway open a little bit, was enough encouragement for her to head inside, the spray can in her hand was edging to be used. Skye had her gaze entirely fixed on the door before her. She couldn't help but laugh at the three of them, and she hitched her mask up to cover her nose. By this point only her eyes would be on show. Once the door was busted open, Skye ran in, watching as Rowan was spray-painting at her side, before instantly launching eggs at every corner of the store. Rowan would give her rusty old can another little shake, she would continue to graffiti the window outside, on the left hand side of the door. The red dots, dripping on her shoes. 'CUNTS' it read. She would call out to the other power puff girls "THIS IS FUCKIN...." suddenly lowering her voice in front of Indi, to sound manly, putting on a shitty American accent, "Fucking amazing guys." She would turn towards Indi, who was still watching and smirk behind her mask, exploding now into a run, joining the two to admire her artwork from the inside. Bubs let her vision gaze around inside, the flags that were hanging up would be pulled down, that will show them she was a bad bitch right? She would make sure to keep her back to the cameras, surly no one would be able to recognize her by her ass? walking up to the counter she keeps her head low, the spray can hissing and fizzing as she unscrewed the cap, 'Fuck you G' would be wrote on the counter, she would grin from ear to ear, man were the power puff girls really showing these guys who were boss, another shake of her can as she bent her legs, her knees would be on the floor as her sights were set on underneath the counter, 'fuck you all' would be wrote in big BOLD red letters, ''You know it R!!'' she'd shout out from under her mask. Skye looked back at the window, that had the word ‘CUNT’ now sprayed on it "Wow, smooth.” She shouted to Rowan, rolling her eyes, but there was a big smile that had tugged up at her lips. Skye put her hand back in her egg-box and threw one straight on the cash-register, so it would be all sticky if anyone tried to press any buttons. Skye watched as Bubs sprayed on the counter, and she tipped her head back laughing, her mask slipping down below her nose. She pulled it back up and got to throwing the last of her eggs. "Rowan, pass me the flour!" She called, wanting to now bake some weird, raw cake in the clam.

Rowan took her attention to the triple velvet toilet rolls. That advert used to piss her right off. She would run up to the shelf, grab the pack of rolls, throw them on the ground, and jump up and down on them like a kid on a bouncy castle. When finished jumping, she would grab the bag of flour, from her back pack and throw it in Skyes direction. "Catch." She'd call out to her. Meanwhile, Bub’s would be knocking everything off the shelf, one by one, standing and digging her heels into every item that was dropped, any packets that were under her feet would be burst, followed by a loud pop sound, a couple off cans would be thrown against the walls, letting them hiss and spit there juices everywhere.

Skye would catch the flour. She ripped open the bag, and started to scatter it all over the floor, the counter, the cash-register and over some of the stock on the shelves. She doubted anyone would buy any of this stuff now that it was covered in flour. As Bubs started to knock the stock off the shelves, flour would poof into the air, forming a little cloud. Skye dropped the empty packet of flour on the floor and looked down at her hands. They were pure white, she pulled down her mask a little, drew battle-markings on her cheeks, and then pulled the mask back up. Rowan was really thinking about pissing in the crisps, but then when they got hungry, after all this strenuous activity what would they eat? She would flick her eyes over the crisp section. "Even their crips are shit mate." but she would have no issue with picking out a packet of doritos, spilling them open before taking a bite.

After finishing the packet she would roll them up, and throw them obliviously out onto the shop floor, bending down to her back pack again. Rowan would reach for one egg, hiding it in her sleeve jacket. She would run up to Skye and crash the egg down onto her head, followed by her running away giggling like the kid she was deep down. "FUCK YES.” Skye immediately felt the liquid seep down her cheeks, all warm from where they had been in Rowans backpack. "You are washing my jacket later." She snapped. Skye would run after Rowan, wiping her sticky, flourly hands on her, leaving hand-prints on her tits. "Oh Ill lick it off, just for you." Rowan teased back.

The voices outside (Indi) soon seemed to fade off. Bubs would take a free hand and reach for a bottle off pop, shaking the bottle first, unscrewing the cap off, squirting it all over the floor letting it mix in with the flour, now they were really baking a cake, but the fun wouldn't stop there, she would take the bottle and squirt it all over the three. As Bubs started to spray soda all over the shop, Skye would hold out her hands and try and rinse them in it. "Oh no... even stickier." She shook her head. Now, for the icing on the cake, Skye undone a packet of toilet paper and started to lace it all around the store. She wanted it to look like bunting, but it looked more like... well, crappy toilet paper covered in flour, eggs and soda. “They are gonna think youve wiped your arse with that loo roll Skye." Rowan would add.

Bubs still had some spray left, her little legs would take her over to the fridges as she shook the can again for final measures, she would draw a big red X on each fridge, she would write 'pedophile' in small letters on one off the doors, she would lift up her dress a little bit, and bounce her ass on the floor, making an ass imprint in the mixed in flour, eggs and pop. Rowan would quickly bend over and join Bubs by shaking her little titties in the sticky mess on the floor.

Skye had finished having her fun with the toilet paper, and left the empty rolls scattered around the store. She ripped open a box of tampons and scattered them around the floor. Bubs watched Skye chuck the tampons in the air, ''yasss bitch'' she'd call out, trialling her heels around in the flour mixed together on the floor, her little hand would reach for a couple off the tampons, mixing them around in the flour and egg as she walked up to the window, pushing them hard against the glass so they could stick. "Any last actions, guys?" Skye asked… "Yep, lets get the fuck outta here." Rowan replied, picking up her bag, rearranging her mask to check it was still positioned in the correct place, her glasses still shading her eyes, and she would head out the broken door, followed quickly by the other two.

If you managed to get to the end. Thank you. We had sooo much fun doing this and really what else are we all here for, if not to have a laugh.

Thanks to all involved. xx

June 15, 2020 at 9:28 am
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