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Dear community,

there is a new roleplay venue you can learn about


The Police Academy. While mainly designed for cops it can affect your character in case of jailtime or it might interest you in another way to participate in the roleplay Options it offer:

Welcome to the HPD police academy



The academy in Black Bottom across the campus is a training facility for the HPD for IC training classes, though it can also be used by the HGH and FD for training purposes.

It contains a small conference room,
a room for arrest procedure training,
a room for interrogation training,
a room for cell procedure training
and a shooting range.
On the roof is a clothing optional spa area for Municipal workers though those can bring a partner too of course to have fun and relax.

The idea is a facility for training, in character but also to be help OOC for example with reports, APBs and such if players of rookies have questions. Feel free to use it. Experienced HPD Officers wanting to play instructors, please get with Rhoslyn Ritter or Lyssandra Ritter. As it is strongly connected to the HPD there will be no own group, we use the HPD group, instructors will get some item to be recognizable.


There are cameras but those have no audio. The footage is stored on a cloud server.
The few NPCs are retired Municipal workers, they will not engage physically in a fight but carry a pepper spray for self defense and will call the real cops via phone or radio in case of trouble. While there is a shooting range, there are no guns kept in the academy.


Yes, the police academy can be attacked to get back at the cops, it is much more vulnerable than the police department. Any damage that can be fixed within 2 days is fine but please message Rhoslyn Ritter or Lyssandra Ritter to inform us. Any bigger damage please check for consent. Keep in mind, also small fires and explosives need admin approval. All SIM rules apply.


Of course it makes sense to use inmates as dummies for the training for arrest procedure, cavity search, taser training and whatever comes to your mind. As always you need OOC consent from the inmate player!
But the inmate MUST be returned to the HPD cell at the end of the roleplay. So it is part of their jailtime to be used at the academy. Do not use it to get a buddy inmate away from the danger in the cells though.


Yes, inmates can be freed during the transport to the academy or while in the academy. Just keep in mind, IC actions lead to IC consequences, also you need approval from HPD SGT or LT and the arresting officer. Please do not use this option to have your alt or cop buddy player be walkover to break out while you should be in jail. And of course freeing an inmate may result in more jailtime on another day. And all in all such escapes shouldn't be a daily occurrence but can happen.

That displays Hathians most notorious criminals ((if players OOC consent)), so if you take some pride in your actions, that might be your place.

Send an IM to Rhoslyn Ritter ((lloer irelund)) or Lyssandra Ritter ((lyssandra69))  😉

April 9, 2020 at 10:52 pm
Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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