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Please give your feedback and suggestions for this business proposal (in a constructive manner!) for this proposer to review, respond to, and take into account should they go forward as the Lead! For more information on how proposals work: http://thecrackden.com/discuss/topic/group-and-business-proposals/
Gein Burger
By catpajamas Resident

TYPE: Official Business

SLURL: Main Street, Hathian

BACKGROUND: My character has helped manage/own several businesses in the past, some going back all the way to Michigan(CD). She has always found herself enjoying the atmosphere. She likes to socialize and loves food. So, combining the two? Hello! She is also is around sim a lot and would be able to put in a lot of time and effort as a business owner would. Which I think is important. Of course we all have lives, but what I am saying is a would be able to devote time. I only play in Crack Den. I would love to try the whole interview process to get employees included, but we know how that goes sometimes. However, I don't mind reaching out and talking to people. I think it would be fun to host employee meetings on occasion. That way things can be done ICly, but if people have questions they can ask and know things a bit better. Regular events that may be fun is having a food drive or two for one to get people to come into the Gein. Perhaps even offering a free meal once a week to those in need. Not necessarily an event, but still something to promote the business.

UNIQUE: Brooklyn is a member of the Kogarashi on sim, but I don't plan to let this push people away. In fact, I would love for robberies or vandalism to happen as long as it's nothing extreme (without approval/knowledge beforehand) and logged so I have an idea of what's going on. Of course, she would try to keep her gang affiliation under wraps and keep the business semi-neutral if possible. Brooklyn is also very passionate when she gets involved in things, so even though the Gein is located in the middle of town she plans to make it great. She wants it to have a good name and will put a lot of work into it. Plus, it has been without a lead and should most definitely have one. Also, I think another good thing to stimulate business and make it a little bit different is to offer a percentage off to people that work at the HGH and HFD. HPD TBD. If they came and flashed their badge on break they could get a certain percentage off since they do so much for us for the citizens of Hathian!

EXPERIENCE: I am super easy going OOCly first and foremost. I feel like this makes it easy for people to talk to me and ask questions. I am always available too and quick to respond. This also means collaborating with other businesses on events or just helping new hires with questions. I also think a good business lead can help people out in general with overall questions. I have been roleplaying for about 7+ years in a variety a sims. Most of this time being in Dead End when it was here and now Crack Den.

IDEAS: I kind of stated this, but I would love to do something like employee meetings or hold open interviews from 1pm-3pm for example. Almost like a job fair. Other ways I would reach out is contacting people directly(new hires), assuming when they fill out an application their phone number is on there somewhere. I could reach out to people. Also, putting an ad in the paper would be something.

OTHER: For a re-grand opening I think a block party of sorts or some sort of cook out would be fun. Maybe squeeze in an eating contest and the winner gets some sort of prize. Like free burgers for a year or something similar. The weather is starting to get a bit warmer and I would love to collaborate with another business for it. I can get with a business to supply booze, maybe someone to spin some tunes. It's also right in the center of things, so I feel like it might be really fun.

March 2, 2019 at 7:25 pm
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March 3, 2019 at 4:47 pm
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