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Name: Ella a.k.a ‘Lunar’
Age: 18
Originally from: London

Ella started out life in a small run down area of London, living with her older sister and two parents life was hard with her family barely managing to scrape by, her mother suffered from depression and Ella found herself having to look after the woman who’d become a shell of her former self, her father was an abusive drug addict who’d continually take out his anger at their situation on Ella due to her inability not to hold her tongue from a young age, but she’d always had her sister to look after her – that was until she’d disappeared. As Ella grew up she’d often found herself intertwined with the wrong crowd, by 14 she was often skipping school favoring going out to take drugs and often finding herself in all sorts of trouble. By the time she was 17 she’d had enough of her fathers progressively abusive behavior and looking after the mother who she no longer recognized and ran away to travel the world in order to find her sister. Just about affording the travel with the money she’d managed to steal before she’d ran away. She’d travel from place to place having to make ends meet by selling the last of her possessions and selling herself to the men she met at various bars until finally finding herself in America, running out of money and of hope of ever finding her sister she settles down in Hathian; quickly calling herself Lunar (due to her fascination with the moon and what else is out there) an attempt to put her past behind her. Although she is trying to turn her life around, it will be hard to keep herself out of trouble as she still often finds herself unable to hold her tongue and always seems to find herself drawn to the wrong people.

November 28, 2016 at 4:06 pm
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