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I am reaching out OOC to see if anyone would be interested in starting a story line with me that I hope will carry on for some time as well it would be nice if our online times matched up.

Online Time:

I am SLT+3 (EASTERN TZ) I am usually on 4-6 days a week or more.

  • Online between 6amslt - 2pm and then 6pmslt-? if I log back in at night.
  • On the days that I am off I am on mostly all day if I do log in (days off vary)

What I'm seeking:

My character is a heroin addict who does abuse other narcotics. Without going into too much detail I'd like to see him start dipping his toes into recovery. How he gets to that point will be sorted out.

So anyone who plays a character in the career path of a Substance Abuse Counselor, Substance Abuse Social Worker or Substance Abuse Nurse would be fitting. I wasn't sure exactly if this would fall more with Hathian Civil Services or the Hospital. I am also not opposed to a non official business aka a private practice. I actually welcome that greatly to support your business.


Besides the obvious limit of I'm not roleplaying anything that would land me in prison RL and discussing character death I am all in. With that in mind I do follow the do unto me as I may do unto you. That is not saying that just because it was done to me I'd do it to you, only that you are opening yourself up to that sort of retaliation if it should ever occur.


I am seeking a good storyline and someone to write with who enjoys character development even if there are more downs than ups. The roleplay can be dark, light, traumatic, happy, a mix or something else, just let it be organic. I am not expecting every waking moment of your roleplay time and same with myself. Perhaps one session a week to feel out the roleplay and see from there. I'd like you to be open to emergency calls if needed but that does not mean you have to answer them lol, just that he might be annoying.

I would also prefer semi to para roleplay but again not expecting novels just a touch of detail.

Brief Insight:

Wilbur is unsavory. He's unhygienic, in need of a lot of medical care, especially dental.  He is homeless but has crash pads. As said before he is a heroin addict and also abuses other narcotics. He usually goes through a brick of heroin every two days and has now OD'd 5 times. The last time taking 3 Narcan which was only a week or so ago. He's been arrested once so far in Hathian but has a lengthy history up to sealed records. Currently there is a possible APB out for his arrest.

The above information can act as a cliff note of his casework papers.

Please feel free to reach out to me IW if you'd like to discuss.

IW: Wilbur Fitzgerald


December 22, 2022 at 11:02 pm
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