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(MODS may want to delete the other, hideous post by me)

Since I have been in Hathian now for almost a month, it is probably time for an introduction:

Hirohito Tanaka is a 35 Danish guy born in Copenhagen. He was born as Hasse Tandberg, and lived in Virum, until he was about ten years old. His father Henning Tandberg started Tandberg Maskinfabrik A/S, which later morphed into the hugely successful Tanaka Electronics LLC. His biological mother was a flirt from France called Marion Boucher. She gave him her black hair. Henning and Marion never got married, in fact Marion could not deal with Denmark, so she moved back to France

Henning Tandberg moved to Japan with his son and started to call himself Hirohito, for easier social and business matters. He married Kazuo Tanaka, and the family took her name. Kazuo died of a tumour in her brain stem, when Hasse was 17, and when he was 18, he legally changed his name to Hirohito Tanaka II.

He always had an affinity for the spirit world, sometimes so strong that Henning took him to the psychiatrist to determine, whether he had schizophrenia or another illness. It is believed now that young Hiro only had a way of 'seeing' the energies that naturally flow around, and has hooked his experience onto Japanese and Danish/Inuit folklore spirits.
Henning knew that his son was a bit whack and very soft-minded, but he tried his best to raise him to become a productive member of society. He did succeed, although Hiro Junior is an eccentric oddball still. But he was able to complete university classes in civil engineering and computer programming without greater issues, and to enter into the R&D department also without greater issues. His oddness was accepted, because he was good at programming, especially artificial intelligence.

When Hiro was 22, his father gets shot by the Yakuza. Hiro moved to the States, and developed Tanaka Electronics further with good success, but becoming more eccentric, as the years passed by. The Shadows from Japan still haunted him, but he invited them in, fully convinced they did exist as bodiless spirits, that sometimes materialise. He was so convinced that he was a member of the order of the 'Bat Spirits (Nobusuma Yokai)', that he would get dental work and body modification done, dressed as a Bat, and lived as a spirit in his quarters. The company did not suffer, because he still was brilliant in developing items and lead production of them, although only very few people were to see him in person. Everyone in the field regarded him as that eccentric tech guy, and accepted it, as long as products came and payment fell.

He drew the ire of his father's enemies for continuing to exist, and when he acquired COVID-19, his house help and some board members overthrew leadership of Tanaka Electronics, and left him to die. Hiro, who had started to work on an AI, that could live independently on the Internet, survived, but was left to the homeless shelters. News outlets had him declared dead, and so he devised a plan. His plan was to go to Mexico to get to a supplier's business location, so he could finish the AI, that would help him getting his company back and stomp out any further foul play from anyone.

He did not make it to Mexico, because when he was down to 130 lbs, he decided he would need to find a town and pause his treck. He arrived in The Crack Den in Hathian, and began to steal food and hide away in empty house shells. He decided to introduce himself as Nobu, which is a regular Japanese name, to hide the fact that he was the Tanaka Electronics heir. The plan was to never really show himself, and to live in the shadows, and feed on the rich food that is custom to the Louisiana area.
But when he found the Hathian Observer paper, mentioning Batman, he decided to come out of the shadows and finding this Batman, because he believed he also was a part of the Nobusuma Yokai, and therefore a partner in spirit.

While interacting with the Hathians, he managed to run into a couple of rounds of whoop ass, bloody noses and generally unpleasant people, but he also found friendship and kindness. Hiro realised that the life he had been leading up to now was starkly different from what average Joes were living, and he felt an urgency to learn more about life in Hathian, because he believed it would make him a better and more whole person, able to better lead his company, once he got it back. In other words, to make products for everyman, he needed to know how the average person ticked, so he stayed around. He rented a room and got Internet access, and has not revealed to the tech world, that he is still alive.

In the four weeks in Hathian, he developed tender feelings for a girl (as he is a virgin and had spent very little time being social with regular people, it is hard for him to recognise it as being in love), some rapport of annoyance, and the tuberculosis, he had picked up at various shelters around the States broke out, due to prolonged malnutrition and because he had started to smoke and drink alcohol, like a normal Hathian. He also managed to lose a kidney to illegal organ traffickers.

I expect him to be equally busy for the next weeks, if the TB or some angered grunt doesn't get him first 😀

July 4, 2020 at 4:13 am
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July 5, 2020 at 7:05 am
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