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[13:32] Khloe Arcana watched while the garbagemen took their break. They headed into the Grind for coffee and Khloe took her chance. She moved towards the driver’s side door, taking the small sparkplug she had, she tapped it hard against the window. It was the corner near the small wing window. She slammed the sparkplug against it shattering the window. Khloe’s hands went up to protect her face from flying glass. The small redhead climbed up the door, unlocked it and then climbed in. She scoot across the seat, moving to unlock the door. Gia and she had been getting close and this just solidified their relationship. Who didn’t love stealing a garbage truck?! Only Best Friends did that.

[13:37] Gia Perez (arraidia) was up for some mischief, stoned because her boyfriend's family owned a farm where they grew a wonderful strain of weed. She thought why not join Khloe and get in the garbage truck! Bouncing on the balls of her feet she tried not doing her Gia squeal but she was failing, this was far too much fun! Hearing the lock click she opened the door and climbed up into the cab laughing as she settled onto the seat. "Ok what are we going to do now?! I think we should go dump this load at the butcher shop!" She hated Camden, he had slapped her and made fun of her fashion, time for some payback!

[13:40] Khloe Arcana wiggled her feet as she got into the garbage truck. She couldn’t reach the pedals she was that short. “Fuck.” She said “Gia I Can’t reach you gotta be the brakes and the gas!” Her toes flipped moved, the girl struggled as she moved around. She reached down grasping the steering column. Her knife pulled from her pocket. She flicked it open, pried apart the steering column and then began to hotwire the car. She clicked the wires against each other, sparking them. The ignition humming and stopping, humming and stopping. IT wasn’t until about the fourth try that Khloe got the truck running. The NPC garbagemen were still in the Grind braving the long lines to get their coffee fix.

[13:45] Gia Perez (arraidia) furrowed her brow and looked down at the floorboard. "Ok to the rescue!" She slid off the seat and crawled under the dash. The ears on her helmet bonking against the metal of the trucks interior she made her way to the driver's side and sat crossed legged under Khloe, leaning forward placing her hands on the petals "Yech" she groaned "Remind me to wash my hands after this shit!" With a cheshire grin she let out a sinister giggle and mashed the gas "Here we go!" The engine would rev as she pressed down and waited for Khloe to kick it into gear.

[13:49] Khloe Arcana pulled her legs upwards so as to not knock Gia about. She tossed her switchblade into the seat beside her and reached for the wheel and gearstick. It was an automatic so there was no clutch “Ok get reading we are gonna see what this bitch can do. GIA GGGGGGGGGGGGGGASSSSSSSSSSSSS'' She screamed, bouncing up and down on the seat. If Gia had pressed the gas, Khloe would hook a left, spinning that wheel as far and hard as she could. The tires on the garbage truck would burn out, alerting the NPC garbagemen to come running. Khloe slapped the horn “See ya SUCKERS!” She called, still manhandling the steering wheel. “Let’s see if this baby gets good gas mileage. ONWARD!”

[13:54] Gia Perez (arraidia) screamed in delight as she felt the truck jolt forward, nearly falling over. She kicked her leg out and held the gas pedal down so as not to lose momentum as Khloe steered. She gripped her helmet and laughed so hard she challenged the limits of her bladder. "DON'T BE JEALOUS OF OUR NEW WHIP!" As she got her bearings she lunged for the pedals again placing her hands on them "How far to the butcher shop!" She was mushing on the gas totally unaware of how fast the massive truck was going, to her they were racing!

[13:58] Khloe Arcana laughed at Gia as she spun that wheel “Its across the street.” She said now turning the wheel to the left. She screamed out the window at people, like Gia was doing from the floorboard of the garbage truck “FUCK YOU BITCHES. HATHIAN SHIT HOLE BE JELLY OF OUR RIDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEE” The truck wasn’t going more than forty miles per hour, but in their minds it was doing at least 150. Khloe honked the horn, blaring it loudly for all to hear as she bobbed up and down on the seat of the cab. She hit a hard right, almost taking out the light pole “WHOOOO SHIIIT” She screamed “RIDE EM DOGGY…”

[14:02] Gia Perez (arraidia) screamed in glee as she felt the turn, her small form sliding around the floorboard of the cab of the garbage truck. "Gross!" Gia tossed a discarded food wrapper that landed in her lap up into the seat. "These some dirty mother fuckers, they don't deserve this fine ass ride!" The words were muffled by the roar of the gears shifting. Hearing Khloe, she called out. "Did you just say 'SHIT'? We busted?"

[14:05] Khloe Arcana pulled into the street near the butcher shop “GET ready. WE ARE ABOUT TO LET OUR LOADDDDD GOOO..” She cried out “Also when we do make moaning sounds because losing our load!” She laughed at Gia as she backed up near the front door to the Bones. She pressed the button “HIT THE LEVER!” She called towards Gia to release the back end. “EAT OUR SHIT DUMPSTER FIRES!” She cried.

[14:08] Bobby Ray (bobbieraye) heading to work when he sees this garbage truck swerving all over the road. "Holy shit!" Runs to get out of the way as he hears the horn blaring. Sees two girls in the cab of the truck. "What the hell are those crazy bitches doing?" Sees them by the butcher shop and it looks like they are going to make a dump there!

[14:10] Gia Perez (arraidia) was working like a little composure to a symphony of terrible fun! She slammed on the break upon arrival at the butchershop. "Oh yeah we do!" As Khloe let her know it was time Gia's short ass jumped up and called out "PULLING THE LEVER!!! NOW WHO NEEDS TO GO SHOPPING MOTHER FUCKER!" Cackling, she pulled the release lever and yanked it down hard, dumping all the collected trash from Hathian onto the Bone's front door. "There you go mother fuckers!" She dropped down to the floor board and looked up at Khloe "Ok donde vamos now!" She was pressing the gas revving the engine.

[14:14] Khloe Arcana pressed the button once more to close the back, “Ok it’s done. “ She said looking in the mirror. She could see the garbage strung out in the streets in front of the butcher shop. Khloe had no clue that was Camden’s place, nor what the hell Gia was going on about. She simply drove the truck. Once Gia pulled the lever to close the hatch again Khloe would turn the wheel heading towards District 8. They would ride off into the sunset together in their big green limo.

[14:16] Bobby Ray (bobbieraye) shakes his head as he sees a huge trash pile in front of the butcher shop. "That's some bad ass littering. Guess I better go the back way to the Clam. Shit!" Gets a whiff of the smelly pile of garbage by the butcher shop.

[14:18] Gia Perez (arraidia) the girls laughing as they dual wielded their giant truck into the sunset. They would find themselves at the beach where the giant truck would have been rutted into the sand. Gia, having a moment of brilliance, would grab two palm fronds and place them on the windshield. "Ok that should work!" She said laughing her ass off as she took pictures of the abandoned truck. "This is going in my scrapbook."

March 14, 2022 at 1:45 pm
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