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kyu kurka


Age: 19 Height: 5 feet 2 inches Occupation: Pie Hole Pizzeria Clerk
Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brunette (Natural Blonde but Dyed) Figure: Petite

Jeslyn was born into a poor family. She was "raised" by her drug addicted mother who spent most of her time hanging with the drug users and drug dealers. Her youngest childhood years weren't so bad as laws and strict enforcement ensured that her mother was at least getting her dressed in the morning to get on the bus and head to school. However, as she moved into her teens, the city she lived in went downhill as fast as her mother's drug addiction did. She no longer had anyone enforcing her to go to school and as a result, she simply stopped going even before high school. Instead she lived in a fantasy world, where everything was perfect and she was the princess that everyone took care of. She did keep up on her education, mostly using a tablet she had found and hid from her mother, alongside her neighbors wi-fi. Internet chat rooms became her place of enjoyment, where she could be whatever she wanted to be. It was these alternate realities that allowed her to not fall into a deep depression and, on the contrary, she actually always looked at the brighter things in life. She had a roof over her head, and escape from all the stress and drama in her life and, wasn't in one of the many orphanages that was constantly on the news regarding child abuse. As she made it through her teens she took on several jobs, though her commitment issues always meant they were minimum wage as she never held onto a job long enough to start a career. Her education was also an issue, preventing her from more of the generic teen jobs such as banking, bookstores, etc.. and despite having a hard time financially, she lived a pretty normal, uneventful life. That was until one day, at the age of 19, her mom brought her drug addiction home with her and, an altercation with one of her mom's drug-addicted boyfriends led her to leaving her home with what savings she had put together. The closest, inexpensive town nearby was Hathian... a city with a reputation but, in her mind anything was better than what she was leaving behind. She just wanted to start a life of her own.

- Character backstory is left vague on purpose as Jeslyn is a normal girl with a very common background. However, her character will be strongly shaped and possibly twisted by her choice to move to Hathian.

- Extremely social and approachable
- Isn’t afraid to show off that little smile of hers
- Somewhat naïve as she believes everyone is capable of being a good person – unless they personally try to harm her or a friend of hers
- Is very observant and protective of herself – often looking for warning signs as she converses with new people
- Will try to talk an assailant down before fighting back physically, unless she is caught off guard and fight or flight kicks in
- Absolutely loves immersing herself with new cultures and communities but only does so if welcomed to observe.
- Obedient to close friends – almost to a fault. She would do anything for them, giving she trusts them enough to feel they mean nothing but the best for her as she does for them
- Will absolutely hold a grudge and / or mistrust to anyone who breaks her trust
- Is a big animal lover – mostly a dog person. She will stop to pet or give strays treats if one comes her way
- Absolutely loves kids and will stop to converse with any kids that approach her
- Probably much more that I’ve left out or forgot to put in here!

I have my sexual kinks, which is why I have a f-list posted below. However, sexual role play always takes a back seat to rich, dialogue filled role play. Please keep that in mind if you're unsure what I'm looking for.

- Please respect that this is a long term character -- no murdering Jes unless approval is given
- No permanent injuries without approaching me first
- No ageplay
- No animals
- Approach me OOC before capturing
- If it's questionable ask before doing it (WIP - Continuously Updating)

February 10, 2018 at 6:53 pm
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