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I think this has been a long time coming, from all intents and purposes, I know I don't speak out for just myself, but for several other able bodies and I would ask that should anyone, agreeable or disagreeable, have any thing to add, please do so!

Also, this post is not created with the intention of calling anyone in specific out or to knock on anyone in anyway, for that reason I will be trying to write this as topical as possible, but apologize if I fail at any point.

This post reflects my own opinion.


As someone who many of you likely know or remember, I formerly played Declan O'Sullivan and was a very active member of the HPD over the course of several years as many of the members within this city have been, on or off. I've been rping in Crack Den for atleast 6 years now and have seen the primes, the ups, the downs. I've always stayed primarily true to law enforcement RP, to which I have experience with through multiple communities and even spent some time in FiveM (GTA Voice RP) where I learned a lot.

That being said, coming back to Crack Den most recently, I will let the elephant out of the room in saying that the hierarchy and organization of the HPD in it's current state isn't suitable for longevity and growth of the HPD, leading to decreasing numbers and inactivity


CAPTAIN: It is my understanding that the Captain position has been since, transitioned to an NPC position. This, in my opinion, was a poor choice. The Captains position was crucial to the organization as one of more flexibility IC, but more control OOC. In other words, it was played suitably by a character who was willing to take on the majority of OOC management and administration of the HPD, while occasionally involving themselves in IC situation.

Lieutenant: This position was formally and most suitably a position of IC control and activity. We have traditionally had a LT. in charge of Patrol and a LT. in charge of Investigations. This role was 100% In-character, with little to no OOC involvement, apart from occasionally helping the Captain. This role is importantly an IC role for a multitude of reasons, ranging from the management of In-house RP, proper assignment of case loads and storylines. as well as gaging and perceiving appropriate promotions.

Sergeant: I wont rant on this one, it's essentially a junior position of the LT.



The HPD Leadership is in disarray, that's not to disregard the level of work that is being put in by certain members of command, at the moment. But it sounds and seems like they have an inappropriate workload of things that shouldn't be their responsibility, or, should require them in an alternative position.

As it stands right now, HPD feels stale, unmoving, stuck in place and without a direction or leadership. In a sim that has always constantly been focused on motion. People come, people go, characters live, characters die. It's unsuitable for the HPD to stay in place the way it is. We need constant in-house rp, constant in-house leadership.

My proposition would start by:

1. Assign a Captain position/HPD Administrator/moderator: This position is not to constrain the rp in the HPD, but to manage the OOC aspects of such.

2. Gage activity of current Sgt. and Lts. and demote/promote more, accordingly.

3. Create a form of leadership expectations and requirements, so that those willingly accepting IC positions, understand the requirements of these positions.

The current command may not have accepted their positions at the time of their IC stories, understanding what it would consist of, or these positions have become so harshly convoluted over time, that they are no longer interesting to them.

November 27, 2021 at 6:58 pm
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December 1, 2021 at 4:01 pm
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December 1, 2021 at 4:44 pm
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