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Name: Walter Bishop
Age: 56
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 183lbs
Ethnicity: African American

For the nation, 1959 was an exciting time - it marked the addition of the 49th and 50th states to the United States of America. For one particular family from Chicago, IL, it also marked the birth of a 6th child... Walter. The Bishops were poor, no doubt about that, Francine Bishop a maid at the Hilton while Isaiah Bishop worked at the local steel mill. Ends barely met, which meant the Bishop kids fought for everything they go. Walter grew up in a winner take all environment, but watching his family struggle to make ends meet, he knew from an early age, he had to apply himself to rise above the shackles of his family's social and economic class.

Instead of sports, he focused on after school activities like debate, math club, and even the band. There was no way his family would buy him an instrument, so he elected to play the only instrument they could afford... the triangle. Academia was also important, and while siblings and friends and even his parents would try to coax him into more "manly" activities, he remained vigilant in his pursuit of activities to grow his mind. By his senior year of high school, there was no question his grades would land him Valedictorian, a variety of free ride scholarships would be at his finger tips, and he could finally break free from the social boundaries that kept his family back all his life. Of course, the one thing he hadn't factored carefully - he was black. And so none of these things came to him.

Had it only been a few years sooner, he could have escaped into the military, but at this point and time, Vietnam had put what many would see as a permanent black mark on the military personnel, something Walter wasn't ready to take on along with his skin color issues. One thing Chicago was in desperate need of however were police officers. With no need for a college degree, Walter took up the calling, spending years as a low ranking patrol officer. Racism ran rampant throughout the department for nearly a decade before affirmative action began to open doors for the man to move up.

During these dark days though, the social injustice suffered would seemingly split Walter's personality. To the world, he was a mild mannered, calm, and patient man. One who sought out the truth and acted accordingly. On the other side however, his own Hyde, took form. White women who often found themselves the subject of his police activities were targeted - he'd take from them the very innocence he had sworn to protect. These women suffered the consequences for the years of mental torment and social abuse he had suffered - and with all their God given gifts, beauty, skin color, social affluence - they squandered on crime. It was his own sense of justice. The white men had it even worse, if it was a particularly rough day, they to may find their innocence lost, along with a brutal beating to remind them of what it was like when their ancestors had performed such atrocities on his own ancestors. The blacks possibly got it the worse however. How could they fall into the lockstep class society had predetermined for them, where was their passion to fight, to better themselves - no instead they fought each other and perpetuated the stereotype. Their punishments were the worst.

He was suspected quite often for involvement in crimes, but there was never enough evidence to get even an indictment against him. In fact, as time passed, his police work had made it nearly impossible to pass him up for promotions, and he began working his way up the ladder in the Chicago PD. With each promotion, his lust to act on his inner aggression grew, and he could no longer keep to just hardened criminals. Even petty crimes would attract his attention, and his unwanted advances. But still he remained clean - and three attempts by IA to uncover the truth turned up nothing.

In 2012, Lieutenant Walter Bishop suffered a mild heart attack, which took him off duty. Although he remained active in the community and visible in the police department, the crime spree that had plagued the city ceased. Soon officials began to believe they were searching for the wrong person. Bishop recovered, but in 2015 he took his leave from Chicago and the police department. His urge to feed the inner beast was slowly rising again. He took refuge in the only place he thought his actions would go unnoticed, a town so desolate and ridden with crime, his own actions would go unnoticed. It was Hathian... Hathian, Louisiana.

And this is where our story continues...

December 26, 2015 at 9:15 pm
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