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So, I know a lotta folk be playin' a white supremist lately. And I'm okay with that. IF IT'S DONE RIGHT. I would like to talk about ways to ensure that  if you're playing with a black character, who just might be black in real life, too, that there's certain things you might want to do to make sure that person is okay with it.

1) No negative thought emotes about black folk, which includes especially the way they smell, their hair, your perception of their inferiority. Because once you negative thought emote like that, ain't no person of color gonna think you're not a racist and not being discriminatory. If you're going to say something about blackness make sure you say it in an IC dialog context without any OOC motivation. If you're not sure, IM the person and make sure they're comfortable with what you want to say and do.

2) I would be very careful espousing KKK, white Arian ideology in any context especially when it's aimed at someone in role play unless you have asked them if they're cool with it.

3) IF there is the slightest doubt in your mind that other people around you might take issue with your IC racial aggression, then don't do it. I know me and my friends are pretty cool with it when done clearly as part of a character. There is one person on sim, who really does it right and none of us black folk, that I know of, mind rping with him. But some of us have come up against other characters who have been grossly inappropriate.

For example: This happened to a friend of mine just recently when a character whom she had just approached wrote this, which not only godmodded her but made assumptions in prose that could not be responded to: His eyes scoured her person. With what appeared to be a knockoff Gucci purse and a handful of ghetto fabulous rings. He figured she was here to visit one of the inmates. Perhaps her 3rd child's "Baby Daddy"  XXXX held his breath after spoke because subconsciously he hated the way black people smelled.

I think we can all pick out the problems when people post like this. It's very much godmodding by making all kinds of IC assumptions about a character in a way that could not be responded to. I would even argue that posting like this is actually a violation of SL TOS.

1) Her purse was not a knock off Gucci item, which is not for another character to decide unless she had emoted that herself, which she did not and which she pointed out in role play in her response.

2)Assuming because she's black that she has multiple children from multiple men

3) Godmodding that because she is black she must have a foul odor.

4) The deprecating statement and godmodding action about her "ghetto" rings.

Again, let me say, if you're not sure how to emote towards someone of color in a respectful way, DON'T ATTEMPT IT. Or if you're going to, make sure you IM them first and let them know what you're TRYING to do and that there's no OOC motivation to doing it.

Another recent post by a character in prose espoused this directed at another black player: His blue eyes look over each woman individually before he began to focus on XXX. His jaw clenched and he felt the overwhelming desire to shout at her but he kept it all under control. Why she was even allowed to speak on even footing with the other women (who were all white by the way) was beyond him. The 1 percent and 13 numbers on her kutte enraged him even more. Whatever biker club that recruited her clearly had to be desperate to let her in. XXX reminds himself that the black woman had a role to play in the inevitable race war that was coming. He took comfort knowing that one day she would learn her place.

Again, this was all prose written from a position that was actually far from the other players but within the 20 meters to see it. What role play purpose did this even serve? What could even have really been reacted to? Again, it was all negative thought emotes about the inferiority of a black character.

So please, make sure the minority folks you're role playing with understand where you're coming from and that it truly is IC and not rife with OOC motivations.

June 2, 2022 at 3:00 pm
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June 2, 2022 at 3:41 pm
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