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Stella Rochard is currently 24 years old, born on July 27th 1995. She was raised by her single mother who was widowed on her second marriage and divorced from her first marriage. Stella has faced hard childhood while she saw her mother struggling for money to raise her. Her mother was an Indian and she worked as an air hostess for international flights from India through which she got in contact with a white man and had her first marriage and moved in him from India to the town which was 300 miles away from Hathian. But for some reasons her first marriage didn't work out very well and she divorced and found love again with another man in that town and married him.

Stella was born out of her mother's second marriage and before Stella could turn 3, her father died. And also her mother never spoke much about her first marriage but as Stella grew up she came to know that her mother had another boy child who was born out of her first marriage through some postcard at her age of 16 when she was in her high school. Stella also learned from her mother that she avoided custody of her other son after divorce and  left him in the street at his age of 7.  He was 10 years older than her and also his last whereabouts through that postcard showed that he was somewhere in Africa as he wandered his own way to find his life. Stella was still a kid at high school that time and she didnt try to contact her half brother.

During her high school and college days, she has always been the girl who could co-exist with all and yet not part of any cliques or gang in her high school and college. So she was called for every party in the school and been a party wizard for many and she had many friends but no best friends. And for relationship, she discovered her bisexuality in high school had a fling with a boy who she then detested as he started getting weird ((Would be happy to if somebody could play him IC in Hathain and meet her after long time)) and then got into a serious relationship with a girl who in due course broke up with her hard at the end of high school without any proper reasons which made her heart broke so hard and never had any other relationship with any girl after that.

Also Stella was always busy working after school to meet her financial needs, which was the reason for her less friends too. Then Stella went into to college for her degree in psychology and graduated without much fascinating events or turns in her life. She just graduated with a broken heart and confused state of mind about future and then even more sadness came when she learnt that her mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and had very little time to live.

She was so devastated since her mother was all to her and she had no one. Stella worked all the jobs she could in her town so that she could aid for her mother's treatment and hoped that she could save her mother but all went in vain. But while her mother was in death bed, she told more about her half brother Rob and how guilty she was then for leaving him in streets. She then asked Stella to find him and live with him after she has gone. And her mother died when Stella was just 23 and still had a whole life to live for her. She was so much devastated and couldnt stay in that town and in that house where her mother lived, she sold her house and got some money in her hand. With that money Stella decided to track her brother Rob from the postcard and some info about his birth mark which she got from her mother.

She then figured that he was down to Hathian after a year worth of searching through various countries and she traveled to Hathian to meet her brother for first time with no photo of him but only his birth mark.

During her initial days she stayed at Motel and she liked the way of no rule kind of thing in Hathian.Then she joined as Barista at Grind as she searched Rob and slowly adapting to the Hathian life and had developed some acquaintances around the town

One day, she decided to get drugs for entertaining a party that she was invited too, she was still a party wizard. She got some contact and met Rob as he was a drug dealer in Hathian. She couldnt recognize him as her half brother as soon as she saw him. But when they did some dealing for the drugs naked in his bed, she saw the birthmark on him that her mother told about and found that Rob was her brother all along.

She said that to him and convinced him that she was his sister and told about their mother and it overwhelmed him. She was so glad that he took her in and allowed her to move in with him. She met many of Rob's friend and then started to get along with people on the town. She then left Grind and joined Gein as per her brother's advice and things were going smooth.

Until she was attacked on the street by pulling her to a dark alley and she stabbed on her stomach with a scalpel. She knew the person who did that but she wasnt able to do anything or retaliate at him. Even her brother couldnt retaliate or fight against him, which made a major turn in her life at Hathian and she wanted protection for herself without depending much on her brother.

She wanted to fly her own wings and be a independent girl. So she started to get in touch with people she knew already and met the Leads and heads of The Lions Gang and proved her worth to them and became a member of them. She is now trying hard to change from the girl who was broken to a badass girl who fights back.

She also has been working with her boss Xiaoxiang Yheng in disguise in night to do the dirty works for Lions in the duo combination criminal name of "Noir and Murky" who come like a shadow and leave the people haunted with their ways of torture.

Now that dual killer combo has run out of dirty jobs from Lions, they trying to find their own victim of kidnap for their enjoyment as they grew more fond of it. (( Please hit me up in IM OOCly if you would like to be kidnapped and asked for ransom....and then followed by aftermath of the kidnap like revenge or reporting to HPD..Thanks))

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